Simple Pleasure Thursday 9/21

Good Morning! It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written a Simple Pleasure Thursday post. Not because I haven’t had any simple pleasures, but life has been busy! Sometimes I just let life and day-to-day events take over. I really do try to organize and manage my time, but I am not always good at that. Sometimes I wish I were better at it, but then there are days that I really like “flying by the seat of my pants” lol! Of course, flying by the seat of my pants is why I am still learning as I go with this blogging business! I am learning how to, not only, write a few posts ahead I have been able to get the scheduler to work, so that is going to be a big help.

This week or I should say the past few weeks my simple pleasure is “The Man”. Now, yes, he drives me absolutely bonkers (especially with his Sams club fetish) most days, but he has been a big help too. So far since school has started he has been home before I need to pick up Miss Quinn from pre school and I am able to leave Lessa and Caterina aka baby Sunshine home with him when I go to pick her up. It is so much easier than having to take a five month old and an almost two-year old to pick up an almost four-year old…..what makes that even better is; I can rarely park the “bus” in front of my house or on our side of the street. We have a “not so nice” neighbor and he feels the need to park vehicles they don’t drive on the street in front of everyone’s house but his own….. And yes, it’s a public street. However, this guy will go out of his way to jockey their cars in front of other folks houses taking up 1 1/2 parking spots (because they cannot parallel park). He even goes so far as to watch for someone to leave and then goes out and moves his car into that space. Now I don’t care that I have to park across the street until I need to take a five month old and an almost two-year across a busy street (ours is a main thoroughfare through the neighborhood) to get in the car and then bring a five month old, almost two and four-year old back across the street to get home. Courtesy goes a long way. So yes, that aggravates me and it is my rant, today…..I am so thankful “The Man” has been home so far and I have not had to do that, yet. It really has been a blessing.

Since we haven’t talked simple or guilty pleasures in a few weeks, what have your simple or guilty pleasures been? With fall being on the horizon mine will like start becoming food related, lol. After all it is almost time for comfort food, sweater and boots weather! Yay!

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  1. Ah yes, taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures…can be challenging at times! I too try my best to manage my time, but then fun stuff happens to pull me away from work!

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