A Quick Getaway

Do you ever have a day that seems like it’s never going to end? Friday was one of those days!

Boy, by the time the littles were gone, I was done! My energy level was nill. Now maybe I was in a hurry for the day to be over and that made it worse. Why? Earlier in the day I got a wild hair and decided we should go to the Jersey Shore on Saturday (yep, no Sams club for us, lol) so I called up the little motel we stay at when we go there the 88 Motel to see if they had a vacancy. They did and I booked us a room. The 88 Motel is a small, family owned, efficiency motel that is affordable, and just a short drive, bike ride or even run to the beach.

The office/owners residence. Photo courtesy of The 88 Motel
Photo courtesy of The 88 Motel

The owners Liz and Ken live on the premises and service the motel themselves.

Beaver Creek Dam that runs next to the property

I love this view and I was very tempted to practice my yoga sequence for yoga teacher training here. I would have, but by the time we returned from the boardwalk it was getting dark and I was sure if I would have “visitors” that I wouldn’t be able to see during that two-hour practice. I don’t think that would have been overly relaxing….

The pool was still open as our weather is still VERY summer like for late September (I think change is coming soon though). I found it a bit too cool for my liking. “The Man” thought it was ok and had the kids ready to go in. By the time he had more than his toes in, he changed his mind, LOL!

The Pool and back of the owner’s residence/office
Part of our room. Noah and Miss Quinn had to be in a picture, lol

A few pictures of our room. The rooms are clean, and comfortable. Everything you need for your stay is pretty much already there. The windows even open to allow fresh air in during nice weather and there is usually a nice breeze blowing.

After I made reservations, I THEN  told “The Man” we were going to Jersey! Lol! Ok this was only semi spur of the moment. He was whining (you know how that goes) about going to Ocean City for the weekend. The problem with his ideas? He never pays attention to what’s going on. This past weekend was SunFest in Ocean City, the weekend before was bike week….you get the picture? The “no-tell motels” that still had vacancies were over $200 a night. No. Thank. You.

If you ever want a quiet getaway to the shore, ocean, beach (what ever you call it from where you are) and are going to be in the area of Pt. Pleasant, NJ; check out the 88 Motel.

To tell the truth, I’d rather drive three hours to Jersey than three hours to Ocean City.


Two words.

White Castle.

Yep. Little itty bitty hamburgers.

Now I’d rather have Krystal’s any day,  but you can only get those in the south. I’d have to drive 10+ hours to Georgia to get to the first one. So NJ and White Castle it is, lol!

It was a short overnight trip but it was good to getaway. Noah and Miss Quinn enjoyed themselves at the boardwalk.

Somehow I always manage to be the one who has to ride the “high” rides with them (I think it’s a conspiracy).

A little ice cream treat before heading back to the motel.

“The Man” thought it was funny that we were sitting over a smiley face!

I hope enjoyed a glimpse into our weekend getaway.

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Until the next time


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