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What a week it has been weather wise. Summer is still hanging on here with both hands and it is HOT!

Has fall made it to your neck of the woods yet?

Saturday, before we left for our little getaway, that I told you about yesterday, I headed off to my usual #saturday7amsocialclub AKA Weight Watchers meeting and my session with, Jeff, my trainer. Last week I decided, after talking it over with Jeff, to cut my workouts back to once a week until after the races (which are less than four weeks away now)! Twice a week with the added yoga and the running has been way too much. I felt I was burning out fast. I think once the races are done and I can switch my long run with my extra yoga practice I can get back to a regular schedule.

Of course that means we will be hitting everything on the one day we do meet. Saturday, to finish up he had me doing weighted planks.

Have you done weighted planks yet? What was your experience like?

I have done weighted planks before, and shared that with you, but only with one weight and the most was 45lbs. Saturday Jeff decided to increase weight in increments. I started at 35lbs for 30 seconds, then 60lbs for 30 seconds, then on to 70lbs for thirty seconds! As many of you know 70lbs is the amount of weight I lost. I honestly have no idea how I walked around with that much extra weight on my body! Don’t tell Jeff, but I’m sure I had at least another 15-30 seconds in me at that weight.

Weighted plank with 70lbs

Before we left for our trip “The Man” said “you can run on the beach in the morning”. Wasn’t that nice of him? lol. I told him I was already one step ahead of him and had my running clothes packed. I was so ambitious I even put a yoga mat in the car! But I realized after we got there I left my head phones at home. My plan was to do one or the other. I was hoping to do both, but it didn’t happen.

I got up Sunday morning to run, and just as I was getting ready to head out the door, “The Man” woke up ready to go get coffee. I had talked myself into being ok without it, but tagged along. We got back and I headed for the run. By then traffic had started picking up so I didn’t go very far. The route that I knew and planned to run was pretty busy. I wasn’t very sure about going off the main roads, since I’m not that familiar with the neighborhoods so I ran out two miles out then back. I’m sure not having my headphones didn’t help either. Later we went down to the beach and I ran another mile barefoot in the sand (that counts for extra right?). I have never run on the beach or barefoot (for the sake of running) before. It was quite a different experience, one I should repeat. I ran a total of five miles in all. I think it was supposed to be my 18-20 mile week, though….yikes! This coming Sunday I have got to log as many miles as possible. I think the weather is supposed to be fall-ish, so hopefully that will make it easier to get some miles in. The next weekend will be Yoga Teacher Training and I will likely not get a run in and if I do it will be short.

That will also be the Rodan+Fields convention weekend in Vegas! I won’t be attending that live, but I have signed up for the virtual convention. I am so excited! There is going to be a new product(s) launch that I will be able to order right away!! We don’t know what it is yet, but the buzz is BIG and I can’t wait to share that with y’all! Last year at convention is when Lash Boost was introduced and you know how I love that!!

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