Simple Pleasure Thursday 9/28

It’s Thursday and that means It’s time for our next installment of Simple/Guilty Pleasure Thursday.

Do you have a simple or guilty pleasure to share with us this week?

If you’ve read the blog this week, can you guess mine? I’m calling mine a guilty pleasure this week, although it could be both.

Our little weekend trip to the Jersey Shore (simple pleasure) resulted in a trip to White Castle for hamburgers (guilty pleasure). Guilty, because I over do it on them. But I do plan for it too.

Let’s be honest here. That’s probably our main reason for going, to the Jersey Shore, lol!

Growing up in the south we had Krystal’s. They are basically the same kind of burger. The biggest difference between them is White Castle puts ketchup on theirs where Krystal puts mustard. I prefer to eat them straight off the grill with just the onions they are cooked with. Sadly (but probably for the best) neither one is very close to us. White Castle in NJ is roughly a three hour drive versus Krystal at around ten hours (right now the closest one I know of is in Georgia) not doable for a quick trip.

I do enjoy those little burgers. When they are steamed just right, it’s like a little bit of heaven. I think “The Man” likes White Castle better because they have crinkle cut fries! I could careless about the fries, I just go for the burgers. “The Man’s” uncle calls them belly busters, lol. They can be just bit gaseous! Yes, probably TMI….

We usually stop on the way home and get a “crave case” (that’s a box of 30) to bring back with us. This time we did not. That took a bit of will power.

I will just have to savor the moment until the next time.

Can you believe it’s already the end of the month? I have some new specials to share and some current ones that are going away.

First for the new:

A couple of you have expressed an interest in joining me in my Plunder business. From now through the end of September (which is only a couple of days away, how did that happen?) when you sign up as a Plunder Stylist  you will receive 10 extra piece of jewelry in your kit! So instead of the usual 9 you will receive 19 pieces of Plunder jewelry plus your sales tools! To sign up go to my website and click on Plunder Opportunity.

If you have been on the fence now is a good time to get off! And if nothing else you could have a lot of your holiday shopping done!

And now for the old:

Remember that awesome Rodan+Fields Regimen/Hydration bundle special with the mini regimen?

It ends tonight. That mini-regimen is great for travel and is TSA approved. If you don’t travel, it’s an extra two weeks of product FREE!

If you don’t need a full regimen, but would like to try a product, I will be placing my last bulk order for September tomorrow (Friday) night at 6pm EST.

Message or email at with your product choice and I will order it for you at PC pricing (that’s 10% off and free shipping) and get it to you!

Not sure what regimen or product is right for you? Take the solutions tool and find out. Be sure to enter your email, so I will know you tried the tool, and I will send you a micro-dermabrasion paste packet, just for trying it out.

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Until the next time


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