Fashion Friday and Being A Little Silly

Happy Friday! Or as Noah has been saying lately Fri-Yay….where did a six-year-old get that from, lol!

Do you have plans for the weekend, yet?

It’s “The Man’s” Saturday to work so you know that usually means things will pretty much be low-key around here. Not like last weekend when I got a wild hair and called and made motel reservations in New Jersey.

Our granddaughter, Miss Mia, is having her first birthday party Sunday and I’m sure there will be a trip to that “big box store” but this week I don’t think it’s avoidable….

I can’t believe we have made it through a full week of fall and it still feels like summer. The heat index was almost 100 a couple of days ago! This won’t last much longer, I’m sure. It seems our weather is trying to make a turn toward more seasonal temps this weekend; which is fine. It’s time for everything pumpkin spice! Lol! I have been seeing it everywhere for the past few weeks. Last week “The Man” came home from work and brought me a surprise:

Yes, you are seeing that right, lol. Pumpkin flavored lip balm! He was quite pleased with himself. Now I love pumpkin spice and will actually have it off and on year round (why wait for a particular season for something you like) but I had no desire to have this. It’s the thought that counts, though, right?

This isn’t the usual Fashion Friday post (because there isn’t much in the way of fashion, lol) and last Friday was so crazy I totally missed it (that craziness is what prompted my escape to the shore). If you remember I told you about our trip to the Baltimore Harbor weekend before last and my inability to find anything I liked to wear. I had a few better days during the week but didn’t try to put anything together to share with you.

The photo below was on our way home from our outing at the harbor. This is what I put together and finally deemed acceptable to go out of the house in.

Ok, the panda head was not part of my outfit, hahaha! We had to stop at Target on the way home and “The Man” kind of dared me to try on the panda head in the Halloween section, so he could take a picture. His words were “you can put that on your blog” I don’t think he really thought I would share it (he should know better by now)! Silly man. Where has he been for the past 37 years? Since I didn’t like my hair, that day, any better than the clothes I was putting together, the panda head may have been an improvement. Hey it matches!

You have seen elements of the rest of this outfit before. These embroidered crop jeans from White House Black Market are my new favorite jeans. I have practically been living in them. The white tank is the Simple Tank from Covered Perfectly, and the sleeveless vest is new, from Chico’s outlet. I bought it during my shopping trip to the outlets in Lancaster, PA last month. The jewelry is all retired Plunder pieces.

Remember as a Grandma to Glamma blog reader you get 20% OFF on up to two items when you shop at Covered Perfectly! Use the discount code GG20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. There are several styles to choose from, and the discount will apply on up to two items. Or you may take advantage of the “Buy 2 get your 3rd FREE” special. This special applies to any combination of items storewide, just add 3 items to your cart and the discount will be applied automatically. Only one of the discounts will work. Start shopping!

Yesterday I told you about the special Plunder sign up incentive. This is really a great deal, if you are thinking of starting your own business, looking for a hobby, want to make new friends, or maybe want to get a head start on your holiday shopping.

You will receive a total of 19 pieces of jewelry with your kit instead of the usual 9 pieces. And with Plunder there is no sales requirement or quota to meet. Email me at if you need more information. Many of our most successful Plunder stylists signed up for the kit because it was such a great deal (they called themselves “kitnappers”). They never had any thoughts of working this as business, but once they started wearing their jewelry their friends wanted it and things just took off!

Remember if you place a Plunder order through the end of September for $75 or more (excluding tax and shipping) you will receive an extra piece of vintage Plunder from me!

What I haven’t told you much about is the “Bridging the Gap” campaign I am participating in with the Fierce 50 group! A little while back the Facebook group name was changed to: Forever Fierce:The Midlife Revolution. If you haven’t joined the group yet and would like to be part of changing the perception of midlife and beyond, click on the link and join us!

The “Bridging the Gap” campaign is a collaboration of Midlife bloggers teaming up with Millennial bloggers to “Bridge the Gap” between the different generations. We are truly “Stronger Together”! I have been partnered with Lauren from the blog Bohemianbythebay. I haven’t had a chance to “meet” her yet, except through email. I hope to be able to Skype or FaceTime with her soon. You can also find her on instagram here. Go on over and check her out!

I also have a phone interview tonight with Ingrid of the blog Fit-Twist Health. She is writing a book, The Anti-Aging Secrets of Yoga. I am looking forward to speaking with her and sharing my love and experience with yoga. I enjoy sharing my love of yoga and truly believe it is a practice that anyone can do. Even with all my other “activities” yoga is my first love!

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Have a wonderful weekend.

Until the next time


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2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday and Being A Little Silly”

  1. Great post! I like your outfit too! Though I think the panda accessory might make you feel a little claustrophobic after awhile! I went and clicked on the link you put on there for your Millenial, Lauren, she has a great blog too! Looking forward to your post about your phone interview with Ingrid! Really fun post!

    1. Amy, I’m sure if that panda head didn’t cause claustrophobia, I would fall on my face trying to maneuver around in it, lol. Working on getting together with Lauren to get our act together. How fun for you to be paired with Jacynth! She fab!

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