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Please bear with me today as this post is likely to be all over the place; as I’m combining a couple of days into one.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this week got off to a sad start. After a nice weekend, waking up Monday to the news of what happened in Las Vegas just put a damper on the day. Instead of finishing my post I just went inside. I took time to reflect and pray for all involved. It has taken until now for me to get back in the game, and while I still can’t wrap my head around such senseless acts, we must go on.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun and exciting? Please share. We could all use some happiness.

Fall finally arrived in the Mid-Atlantic Saturday, for a couple of days. The day was crisp and you just wanted to cozy up. I made it the #saturday7amsocialclub AKA WW and to my session with Jeff. I had a good workout and set a new squat PR. We worked up to 135 which I squatted a total of 11 times 2 sets of 3, then a final set of 5! Jeff didn’t fuss, so they must have been ok. Squats scare me sometimes, especially when we add weight. I’m so afraid I’m going to go down and not get up, lol. I think that is what stops me from going as far as I need to sometimes. I would be happy if I could only deadlift…really I would, but Jeff says it doesn’t work that way….however, I could only bench press. That’s no fun. Since I am only working with Jeff once a week for the next few weeks, he has altered my schedule yet again. This week we did squats and arms. The next time we will bench press and deadlift.

Sunday morning dawned even cooler than Saturday, which was great for my run. It was my last really long run before the races (which are now officially less than three weeks away)😳. Depending on which GPS is accurate (none) I managed 14.5-16.1 miles. I ran 9 of those at what I hope will be race pace, then slowed down some and then walked the last few. I would have gone for more, but I was back near my house and nature was calling very loudly. Once I went in the house and crawled up those stairs I was not going back out. It is what it is. I will do my best to finish, even if I’m the last person crossing the line, on the sidewalk.

I also had to think about getting ready to go to Miss Mia’s birthday party! That gave me just the excuse I needed to stay home, oh shucks, lol! It turned out to be a beautiful day for the party. The adults and kids had a good time.

Now I just need to get myself ready for this upcoming weekend and my second Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) class. I feel way behind on where I need to be there too. Altering my schedule with Jeff has allowed me time to work on my practice but not as much as I need. The homework is extensive and it’s going to get even harder. Yesterday as I was studying I had one of those “what was I thinking” moments and in the next moment had a bit of an epiphany. I think I have made this harder than it is/was. I’m going with it and finishing up what I need to do this week. I think I’ve avoided some of it because I know it’s supposed to make you go inside. It’s a lesson in self-study. I was semi-prepared for it, but, let me tell you that is hard and eye-opening. It is certainly a learning experience.

The rest of this week and through the weekend will be busy. Not only will I be at YTT, it is also the Rodan+Fields annual convention! I am very excited for this. Of course, I won’t be at the actual live convention (which is being held in Las Vegas) but I have signed up to attend virtually. There will be our new product launch and I will be able to order it Friday and start sharing it with you (there are actually rumors of more than one new product)! Since I will be in YTT, I will miss much of the weekend events, but I will be able to go back and replay what I miss! I’m very excited to share in this experience. Last year the new product was Lash Boost! That was/is a phenomenal product!!! I think my lashes now have lashes! Tonight is also our monthly business opportunity FREE ZOOM call. If you are thinking of joining me in business with Rodan+Fields; be on the call tonight at 9pm EST. The call is FREE, the opportunity is like no other, and everyone on the call is pretty spectacular too! All you need to do is download the app or search ZOOM on your computer then dial in 736 578 7052 there is no pressure, just information on R+F and the opportunity. If you have questions you can ask. I hope to see you there!

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Until the next time


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2 thoughts on “Random Musings”

  1. I hate squats too! But I’m back to the gym this week and signed up next week with a trainer.

    Great post…yes the week started so wrong and it’s hard to wrap my head around it too. I will confess some days I just want to put my head in the sand and ignore the news. 🙁

    You are one busy lady, Janet. How do you keep up with it all!?

    1. Loretta, I am coming to the conclusion I’m too busy. Once the races are over that will be one thing off my plate.

      I hear you about burying your head in the sand. It would be nice.

      Good luck with the gym. Can’t wait to hear how things go with the trainer. The right one is gold!

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