Simple Pleasure Thursday 10/5

We’ve passed mid-week and made to another Simple/Guilty Pleasure Thursday.

How has your week been, so far?

I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off! My mind going in a hundred directions at once. One minute I’m excited for the next Yoga Teacher Training weekend that starts tomorrow, the next I’m terrified. Self-doubt is running rampant at times. Breathe, I can do this! Enough about that, this is about Simple Pleasures.

I could list several today. Maybe I should just tell you about one and save some for another week. If you remember last Friday I told you I was going to have a phone interview with an author, Ingrid, who is working on a book The Anti-Aging Secrets of Yoga. She called Friday night and what was supposed to be a 15-20 minute interview was close to an hour! The interview was great and I enjoyed talking with someone about something I love and am passionate about. By the time we hung up it was like we were old friends!

During our call we started talking about yoga and children. Ingrid is also a yoga instructor, and has a friend, Teresa Power, who has written a book The ABC’s of Yoga for Kids and is also the founder of International Kids’ Yoga Day. I didn’t know there was Kids’ yoga day, did you? You can find Teresa’s books on her website and you can get information on Kids’ Yoga Day at I have thought for some time that kids and yoga are meant for each other. If you are a yoga practitioner; have you ever noticed young children in many yoga poses, without even knowing what they’re doing? Since beginning to practice yoga myself, I have notice it with the grand littles almost every day. They are naturals. To be honest I’m a little envious of their abilities….I believe if we adults had been able to practice yoga as children we would be much better off physically and maybe even mentally now. I know I would be. I plan to start working with my littles on this and may explore it as part of my teaching journey.

So my Simple Pleasure this week is making a new friend! Do you have a simple or guilty pleasure to share? I’d love to hear about it. What do you think about yoga for kids or kids’ yoga day?

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Until the next time


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2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasure Thursday 10/5”

  1. That is awesome! And I agree, kids are natural yogis. My granddaughters do poses all the time, without knowing it. My simple pleasure this week was going to the thrift stores in Ventura today with my son. We had a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

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