Simple Pleasure Thursday 10/12

It’s Thursday! That must mean it’s time for our simple/guilty pleasures.

Do you have a simple or guilty pleasure to share this week? Mine is a bit silly, but that’s what simple pleasures are for, right?

This past week has been crazy busy as I’ve been telling you about. The Rodan+Fields convention, YTT, and now integrating back into real life, oh and let’s not forget mountains on top of mountains of homework!

My simple pleasure this week is thanks to the R+F girls!

I do believe I have mentioned at least once or twice that we have a R+F business opportunity call every month and a team call each week. Last week three ladies from our team got together and headed to Charleston, SC for a virtual convention event. Two ladies from Virginia, Tania and LeighAnn (who are practically neighbors) met Lucille from New Jersey, at an airport in North Carolina before driving on to South Carolina. They had never met her in person before.

When we had our ZOOM call Wednesday night LeighAnn was so excited! She had finally met someone shorter than her! Apparently Lucille is only 5′ tall. When I told them she had me beat (you know I’ve told you I can only claim 5′ on an eighties hair day) they couldn’t believe it! They said they thought I would be tall. I guess sitting down in front of the computer on a call makes me look tall, lol! I’m going to be meeting one of the other girls, Kathy, for dinner tomorrow night. She lives in Delaware and we are going to meet about half way. We are both excited! That’s the good thing about living in tiny states; you don’t have to travel far to get to the next one, lol. They told Kathy she would have to report back on if I really was that short.

I have decided they don’t pay attention to Facebook very much. I had posted the pictures below just a couple of weeks ago of me with a few guys from the gym. We all wore the same shirt that night, and Derrick (one of the trainers) just had to take a picture because we all matched. I’m sure they will be excited to know they made the blog as a “fashion statement”!

After we finished the call, I reposted these and tagged the girls! My post said “if I’m tall these guys must be giants”. What’s really funny is they had all liked or commented on it previously…..too funny!

So that was my simple pleasure this week. Finding out that behind the screen, at least, people think I’m tall. Maybe there’s still a chance I will grow up one day. And having fun, making friends, and bonding with ladies from all over even though we haven’t met in person.

Please share your simple or guilty pleasure for this week.

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Until the next time


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Author: Janet Earling-Bencivenni

I am a Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger, SAHGMa, Marathoner, and PowerLifter; sharing my journey of weight loss, fitness, fashion, and finding myself after 50. My hope is to help, encourage, and inspire others along their journey. I am here to tell you being 50 is indeed FIERCE!!!

4 thoughts on “Simple Pleasure Thursday 10/12”

  1. Funny, I used to hate being so tall!

    I think my simple pleasure this week was getting in more time for myself. Went to the gym more, rode my bike more. It felt good.

    1. That is kind of funny. I guess we all have things we dislike at times. I’ve never really minded being short, and don’t necessarily think of myself as short, unless it’s pointed out. Maybe that’s why people who’ve never “met” me or stood next to me think I’m taller. It is who I am.
      Good for you for getting some “me time”! It it the best!

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