Fashion Friday-A Fashion Question For You

It’s Friday! Happy Friday….Friday the 13th!! Oh boy, and in October…

Scary? Good Luck? Just another day? Are you superstitious?

I have a friend who is so superstitious he takes off work and stays in the house every Friday the 13th. Can you believe we are almost half way through October? Halloween is just around the corner.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been playing around in Targets’ Halloween section with the animal heads when we go, lol! The last time we were there I just had to try on another one. It went with my outfit after all, lol! I showed you the first one here, “The Man” all but dared me that day. I did this one all on my own.

Wasn’t it just puurrrrr-fect?

Do you dress up and “get into” Halloween? We have been dressing up with the littles as a family, with a theme the past few years. I will share that with you later this month. I’m not quite sure what we are doing this year. Noah and Miss Quinn are starting to come up with their own ideas for dressing up and they don’t usually sync up with each other never mind getting everyone in on it….

This morning I was woke up out of a good sleep, by a phone call, from “The Man”, slightly before 5am (no wonder I’m dragging)…now for starters a call when he is at work and I’m in bed, scares the bejesus out of me. I answered the phone to hear “your coffee’s on the table”. What? “With donuts”. Huh? I’m thinking to myself, why are you stopping home with coffee and donuts? You’re route isn’t near here on Friday. I didn’t voice this as my brain was still trying to process this and my heart was slowing down to normal again….all the while he was still talking away. The man of few words, cannot be quiet some times. He went on to explain that he told me was going to be home early on friday for the the next few weeks, until the beginning of November, due to some rerouting and a new route taking effect. I remember he said something about being home early. I wasn’t expecting it to be before 5am….but he did bring me coffee. That’s something, right? Oh, and donuts. I didn’t need the donuts…but did that stop me? Bahahaha!!! No.

Are you ready for the weekend? Do you have plans?

I hope my weekend is pretty uneventful. I’m meeting my Rodan+Fields friend, Kathy, for dinner tonight and I have my usual Saturday activities on the agenda; the #saturday7amsocialclub meeting and my session with Jeff, but that’s all. After last weeks full weekend with YTT and next week being the races (YIKES) staying in this weekend sounds pretty good. It’s “The Man’s” Saturday to work and after birthday parties two Sunday’s in a row, I know he is looking forward to not going anywhere Sunday. He thinks he’s going to stop working Saturdays by the end of the year…..whatever will I do? I’m not sure this will work, for me, lol….

I will do a short run Sunday morning and then start the “taper” process, in hopes to be ready for races next week. According to the scale I have already started the carb-loading process (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)….what’s bad about that is because of YTT last week I haven’t weighed in for October yet….I will have to do that tomorrow at the meeting (unless I don’t go). That’s not a good option since I missed last week and will miss next week due to the races. So I will go, weigh in, and live with my choices. I will still be under goal, I just don’t like “seeing” that number go up even when I know why. Add to that me going out to eat tonight. I did have a bit of a plan for that, but then pumpkin spice donuts entered the house this morning and I didn’t “just say no”…’s life. You live it and move on.

Okay. It is Fashion Friday, after all, so let’s have a little fashion talk.

This morning I was scrolling through Facebook and one of the members of the 40+style club posted a question/dilemma.

Below is her post:

“Can we discuss dressing to be situationally appropriate? I couldn’t find any threads already started.

I live in an area that is very casual and pulling myself together with a statement necklace is enough to make me feel conspicuous. This is ok but as I start figuring out the clothing that really makes my heart happy I’m afraid I will stand out like a clown. When I travel outside of my locale I’m much more apt to be authentic.

Case and point: I have a mtg this morning at a coffee shop. I really want to wear my new lace dress with a chambray short jacket and lt grey sneakers. I won’t wear it because it would be too over the top. I’ll probably wear a lace blouse instead w jeans.

Just wondering if you girls think about this and how many of you go with your heart.❤️

My first thought was, how sad for her. And how awful to possibly need two different wardrobes. Then it brought to mind an encounter I had a few weeks ago. The area I live in is a very “blue collar”, casual type area and getting more casual with some of the younger crowd that is moving in.

I showed you the outfit in the picture below last month and I consider this to be a rather casual outfit. It can be elevated, but it would still be casual. Overall I consider my style casual, classic, occasionally romantic and a little boho. I seem to go through phases. During the week with the littles I tend to dress more casually than I do on the weekends, but I still like to look nice.

I wore this exact outfit a couple of weeks ago with the sleeveless vest and statement necklace below. The necklace is from the Plunder Fall Line and is called Dallas. It had just arrived a day or so before and I think is perfect with this top. Actually I just love it period! It’s eclectic, quirky, fun, and definitely makes a statement.








I had to take Noah to the bus, then run a few errands before heading out to pick Miss Quinn up from school. When I walked Noah to the bus stop, one of the young mothers commented that I looked nice and sure was dressed up. Really? Dressed up? I think this is pretty casual, even with the addition of the vest and necklace. What do you think? Dressed up or casual?

Does wearing something other than sweatpants with “bootylicious”  written across the rear end or pajama pants out and about constitute being “dressed up” these days? I sure hope not! There are still plenty of ladies in our neighborhood who wouldn’t dream of going out the door if every hair wasn’t in place and fresh lipstick applied. Thank goodness for them!

I admit, I don’t wear makeup every day; I never have, but I do try to dress nice and do my hair. I don’t know about you, but I feel better when, as the saying goes, “I get up, dress up, and show up”. I definitely feel different on days that I know I’m not going anywhere and may not put much effort or thought into how I dress. And yes, I have those days where I will hang in the house in sweats and such. Those are usually house cleaning days and I have never bought into dressing up to scrub the floor. I would change before going out though.

What would your advice be to the member who posted this?

I say: Wear what you want/like. Be you/do you, let them wonder why you are “dressed up” or “over the top”. Maybe others want to dress as you do yet have the same feelings. Maybe you will inspire them to be who they want to be.

I would love to hear your opinion.

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Have great weekend!

Until the next time


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