A Trip Down Memory Lane

Happy Friday! The weekend is here! Yay!?!

Do you have plans?

I don’t really. Well, unless my usual Saturday activities count. Last weekend was busy enough. I definitely NEED to see Jeff (don’t tell him that though, lol). It’s been two weeks since we’ve worked out and I can tell. Along with that I have eaten without discretion this week….it’s time to reign it in!

Fall seems to be back, at least for a bit. We shall see if it stays. With that in mind I think it may be time to switch my clothes around. THAT will take plenty of the weekend up….I’ve been holding out because when I did it in the spring, winter just wasn’t ready to let go and I had to keep going back and forth.

Earlier this week Facebook showed me my “memories” from last year. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes not so much. This time was it was good.

It was from the same weekend/dates as the races, last week. Last year on the same dates “The Man” and I took time for a weekend getaway. We wandered to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to a little town called Berlin.

It’s where the movie Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere was filmed. The weather for that same weekend last year was much different from what it was for the races! It was very seasonal if not down right chilly.

When we visited Berlin we stayed at the historic Atlantic Hotel, which is the hotel Richard Gere stayed in during the movie (and the only hotel in town).

I had hoped to get to stay in the exact same room but wasn’t that lucky. We were given the room across the hall. I did however, get to go in and see the “Richard Gere Room” as the hotel leaves it open for tours when not in use. There are a couple of B&B’s in the town, but I was intrigued by the hotel.

The Richard Gere Room

That was the highlight of the trip, lol!

Below is the room we stayed in. It was actually a bit larger (and maybe nicer) than the Richard Gere Room. But a girl can have a dream, right?

Please forgive the poor lighting of the pictures. This was pre-blog, so I wasn’t focused on picture quality and only had our phones. I tried to lighten them a bit, but it made them worse.

Hey look at that, I only took one suitcase…..Okay it was the largest suitcase and we only stayed two nights….but still it was just one. And a bag…..and…..you never know what you might need, right?

Can you believe almost everything was in my “signature color”?  LOL. And, of course that is the color I chose to wear, haha.

Here are some photos from the floor our room was on.

A few more pictures of the town.

I hope the man doesn’t see the one below, lol, he might shoot me…. 😉

The corner view of the hotel

“The Man” had been hearing about Berlin being a great place to visit on the radio and bugged me for weeks to make reservations to go.  He was quite shocked to find there was nothing “to do” there. It really is just a small town full of antique shops and such. We walked the entire town multiple times, shopped, and ate. While there wasn’t much as far as “things to do” it was a nice quiet weekend just hanging out. Throughout the year they hold various activities, that of course draws a crowd. There are even ghost tours coming up and word is the hotel is haunted. If so, our room was not bothered while we were there. I would certainly recommend it as a quick getaway and will go back.

Getting there was quite and adventure. I drove down, and had an idea of where Berlin was, just not how to get into the town and to the hotel. So I head out towards Ocean City, and the GPS kept trying to get me to go a dozen different ways. “The Man” kept insisting I should follow the GPS directions. About half way there I got tired of listening to him and did…..yeah….we went to Delaware and then back Maryland and came in on the other side of where we would have had I just kept going!!! I could have shot him…really. Men! Lol! It’s always something…

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Have a great weekend!

Until the next time


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