Happy Halloween

🎃Happy Halloween 🎃

Are you ready for the little ghosts and goblins? Do you dress up and “get into” it or just wait for the kids to knock on the door?

We go through spurts! Sometimes we decorate the house completely, sometimes not at all. Sometimes we all dress up and canvas the neighborhood as a family, but this year is going to be low-key.

Halloween being in the middle of the week puts a damper on some plans. I don’t think “The Man” minds too much though. He will dress up when we “make him” lol, but I don’t think he likes it, haha (or maybe he just doesn’t like the photos).

The family dress up theme started the year Noah was born and has continued to incorporate every one.

Here is where it started:

Mickey, Minnie, and Donald
Wendy, Peter Pan, and Captain Hook

Then Miss Quinn came along.

The Smurfs

Then the following year we all got in on the act and I resurrected my sewing machine.

Meet the Flintstones

And it grew from there

Horror movie couples: Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein, Gomez and Morticia, and Chuckie and the Bride of Chuckie

Our horror movie couples came about from the dress below: Our thrift store find “Vintage Versace”. At least that’s what the price tag said, lol. Although Versace was spelled incorrectly. I’m going with it.

Which came about the year before; 2014 was the year my son and DIL became engaged. As a prank for Halloween that year, we decided to decorate their yard during the night. This was the result.

They woke up to this the next morning and sent us a picture wanting to know if we had anything to do with it, lol!

I still laugh about it when I think of us sneaking around putting them up during the night and their windows were wide open! It was quite a sight. Well, running around gathering the stuff to make the scarecrows at the last-minute was quite an endeavor and sight too!

Last year it was time to get Lessa into the act as well. It is also when Noah and Miss Quinn started coming up with their own ideas and we had to get really creative.

The Mario game

That’s what brought on the Mario game theme. Noah was insistent on being a ghost and Miss Quinn just had to be a princess. So Noah is the ghost in the game and Miss Quinn is princess peach. Lessa is Yoshi. I think the rest is self-explanatory. But if not, Amanda is a mushroom, Chelsea is Mario, I’m Luigi, and Patrick is a mystery box.

This year they had their own ideas again and we could come up with nothing to make it work to incorporate everyone.

So if everyone does dress up, we will all be different without a clear theme. There was talk of everyone being circus animals and I could be the ringmaster or zoo animals and I could be the zookeeper, lol, but that isn’t happening. So it will be a surprise, that I will share with you later.

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