Time For A Change

Happy Monday! It’s a new week, with a twist…the time has changed, “fallen back”, it’s getting dark earlier, and I’m ready to hibernate. What about you?

Did you have a good weekend? Or maybe I should ask did you have a good week (It’s been almost week since I posted here). Did you do anything fun? How have you fared with the time change? Are ready to go to bed as soon as the dinner dishes are done?

This weekend I succumbed to the early darkness and went to bed as soon as I could. Of course I was then up and awake way too early. I am also still battling that sinus stuff the showed up two weeks ago, in time for my races and is insisting on wearing out it’s welcome. I felt so bad Friday I messaged Jeff and canceled for Saturday. I really wanted to stay in bed all day, but the grand littles weren’t having that. In fact Lessa took it as a day to be on her worst behavior for the week…..isn’t that typical for kids? As soon as Lessa and Caterina left and everyone was fed, I went to bed. I can’t tell you how glad I was to see them go…I felt so bad, after I told Jeff I was canceling, I wasn’t sure I was even going to the #saturday7amsocialclub. I knew I needed to; it was the beginning of the month and I needed to weigh in for the month, although I wasn’t excited to do so. I am still struggling to stay on track. I start the week with good intentions, but they quickly go out the window. I’m not sure what I need to do. I am going to figure it out though. I am still below my goal weight, which is good, but too far above my “happy weight” to be happy with myself. I need to find a way to keep my head in the game all week, not just a couple of days. If you have any ideas, please share. I’m open to suggestions. If you too are struggling let’s help each other. We are #bettertogether.

I have thought of trying a cleanse or a short fast to see if that will reset my mind. Have you tried any? Do you have any recommendations?

Of course we are also getting into “comfort food” season. This is good and bad. For me these are foods that I can prepare in the crock pot or pressure cooker and let them just cook away. Then we can eat almost anytime, because they are ready early, and there is usually plenty to freeze for another time making it much easier to have a meal ready. But they are also what they say “comfort food” and tend to be higher calorie or WW points. Yes, they can be made lighter and I try to lighten them where I can and not sacrifice flavor and think I have been successful for the most part. One thing I am not good at is what some call meal prepping: making meals ahead for the entire week.

Do you meal prep that way? What helps you do that?

I have a fear of things going bad before the end of the week, or not wanting what I’ve made ahead (which happens) and then I’m throwing out what would have been perfectly good food. I hate wasting food and that is my biggest fear with making too much ahead for the coming week.

This is also the time of year I tend to go inside and hibernate mentally. I’ve noticed it more the past few years. My dads birthday was this month on the 27th and my mom passed on the 20th just two days before thanksgiving. It makes this month a bit sad or contemplative. Maybe more contemplative than sad. It’s just hard sometimes and some years more than others.

On top of that I think I have “post race let down”. I didn’t think it would happen this time since I wasn’t in the best running frame of mind to start with (that’s the “I don’t have anything to train for” feeling). And it’s not like I don’t have plenty of other things going on. Maybe it’s time to sign up for the Another Mother Runner Stride through the Holidays plan.

By Saturday morning I felt much better than I did Friday and did get up and go to the #saturday7amsocialclub meeting. I did not contact Jeff to say I could make it after all. I didn’t think he would appreciate me changing again and I felt maybe I should take the day to rest anyway. I thought I might get some extra yoga practice in for my YTT requirements but I did not, until Sunday. Then my friend Linda, who’s in training with me messaged me that she found a class for Sunday afternoon and wanted to know if I wanted to go with her (one of our requirements is to take 8 classes of different yoga styles and write-up an observation of them). Since I was feeling better and had planned dinner to be done early I went. It was a good class, much different from what we anticipated, and if it weren’t in an area so hard to park and such we might be tempted to go back on a regular basis.

I made it through the weekend staying on track/plan. Now to keep it up for the week! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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