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It’s Wednesday, again.

How is your week going? Do you tend to get into a mid-week slump by now?

Last week my friend Susie from the blog PenelopeSeraphina posted about how to combat the mid-week slump. If this is you, you should go check it out here.

If you’ve noticed on Wednesday I try to focus my posts on weight loss or workouts or both. They do kind of go hand in hand. And I have not been the strictest on following any plan this year, so you might be wondering why I’m telling you what I finally found at the grocery store this past weekend.

My beloved peppermint ice cream!

Actually, I have been on the hunt for several weeks now. And stopped short of doing a little happy dance in the aisle. Just what I need when I’ve been struggling to stay in track, right? If you notice I did get the lower fat version, which is lower in WW smart points. At this point I am also only allowing my self one spoonful after dinner. This is my strategy for not over indulging and making it last longer for when I can no longer get it later in the year.

I have been doing really well this week. I decided to follow the simply filling WW plan to get myself in check. So far it has worked, but it is truly one day at a time. The leftover Halloween candy has not been a trigger either. Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx that…..

There is a story behind my peppermint ice cream. I shared it as one of my Simple/Guilty Pleasures a while back.

When I was a little girl, as far back as I can remember, my dad would take me to Regency Square Mall in Jacksonville, FL.  We would usually stop into the ice cream shop (the one with 30+ flavors). Back “in the day” they had peppermint candy ice cream. I almost always got that. Once in a while I would go rouge and get bubblegum, but I always came back to my peppermint. One day I was old enough for a double scoop of that deliciousness! I thought I was something else walking around with that big side by side double cone! As I grew up I would still get that peppermint ice cream. Now they no longer have it, or if they do it’s only at special times and there isn’t one close enough to know.

One day, probably 30+ years ago, we were getting some items from the Schwann’s man/truck. Lo and behold come holiday time they had peppermint ice cream! I was ecstatic! Then we stopped using them and I lost it for a time. After moving to Maryland I discovered Friendly’s restaurants and ice cream and they had it! Then one day it was in the grocery stores around holiday time. This girl was beyond excited! Now every year I look forward to finding it and reliving a little piece of my childhood and special memories of my dad. Isn’t it funny, I can still see the spot where that ice cream store was and see myself standing there next to daddy ordering it?

When it hits the shelves seems to vary by year. I found it one year in September! Usually it’s mid to late October, but this year it was “late”. Maybe that’s just my opinion, but by golly they need to get with the program! This is one thing I will always work into my WW plan.

I always wish daddy were here to share it with me. But it always brings back fond memories of him and a time when life was a little bit simpler. I imagine he is smiling down when I find it. It makes me a little melancholy and this time of year I tend to go inside for a bit anyway. Because of that I may not post as often the next couple of months, but we will see.

I realized a couple of days ago I also have “post race let down”. If you are a runner and run races you may have experienced this. You finish the last race on your calendar and have nothing in the works to train for. It’s nice to have a break from the training routine, but it doesn’t take long for wanderlust to set in. Now it’s not as if I have nothing to work towards. YTT isn’t going to be getting any easier. In fact, it’s going to be ramping up in intensity over the next couple of months. This is what I really need to be focusing on. I didn’t start that just for fun.

The other day “The Man” and I were talking about the races and he asked if I was going back to my twice a week sessions, with Jeff, now that the race is over. I told him I wasn’t sure yet, since I haven’t talked to Jeff about scheduling. He said working out with Jeff maybe why I was able to run those races back to back. I told him that was most likely true, along with yoga. As much as I want to get back on my regular schedule with Jeff and start training for a powerlifting meet, I need to be realistic with what I already have going on, physically and time wise. I definitely need to sit down with Jeff and make a realistic plan! I’m really good at getting myself into too much at one time.

With the holidays coming I really need to watch myself and not stretch myself too thin. Of course, picking up heavy stuff might just get me through the craziness!

Plunder and Rodan+Fields will be ramping up with holiday specials and goodies, and I need to be ready for that.

In fact Plunder just rolled out a few specials today! These are all limited quantity and while supplies last. As they come in I will post them here and on my Facebook page. If you follow my blog page they will be posted there as well as my personal page. If we are not already Facebook friends you can send me a friend request to Janet Earling.





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Until the next time


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