Simple Pleasure Thursday 11/30

Good morning! It the last day of November and it’s also Thursday. I bet you already knew that, lol.

Where has the month gone? If you know, please clue me in!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a Simple Pleasure. Not because I haven’t had any, I have just had a hard time sitting down to write. This month has been busy, and it’s a time that I seem to withdraw and this year has been especially hard. But that’s a post for another day!

This past weekend we had a little friend drop by to visit us, again, for a while.

Meet our scout elf Jingle! Jingle, has been coming each year since 2013. Sometimes he can be a daredevil, as you can see. Over the years he has lost his hat in his escapades! For the most part he has been pretty tame.


He has also been known to be a little mischievous and get into some trouble.

Apparently he didn’t get the memo his first year here that my Ghiradelli dark chocolate peppermint candy was off limits….it seems he an his little friends had a quite a night of fun and partying!

I just love watching Noah and Miss Quinn wake up and start looking for him in the mornings. We are having a hard time keeping Noah from telling Miss Quinn where he is, if he wakes up and finds him first. Lessa was excited seeing him the first day, and was quite upset when she couldn’t play with him, but has since stopped paying him any attention. Maybe next year she will be more into looking for him. After her initial meltdown, I’m not pushing the issue this year!

I wonder if he really reports everything to Santa? If so, there may be a lot of coal delivered to my house this year, lol! I guess it’s a good thing he comes early, there might be time for redemption….

What are some of your Simple Pleasures? Or do you have a Guilty Pleasure to share this week?

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