A Busy Time

Is it just me or does December seem to be marching by really fast? I guess 2018 is in a hurry to get here, or 2017 is ready to be done, lol!

Did y’all have a good weekend? Mine was fifty shades of busy, but fun!

It started out Friday with a special yoga class. It was a strap class. If you practice yoga you probably know you can use a strap to modify a posture that you may struggle with or to help you get deeper into a posture. This class was using the strap as part of the posture. It was a lot of fun! But it also was a great way to change the dynamic of the postures! This will be fun to continue practicing.

Saturday morning brought about the #saturday7amsocialclub and my session with Jeff!

Last week I told you I was hoping to not be up too much from the previous weeks WI (remember the WI I said I should not have done, lol). I don’t feel like I was doing a good job working the plan last week but I did recover and was only up half a pound from the previous week. Not too bad. I will work diligently to maintain that throughout the remainder of the holiday season! But if I lose a little that will be just fine, too!

I was free for December! Woo Hoo!

I also received my annual lifetime key! If you weigh in free for 10 out of 12 mos you get a new lifetime key each year. January is the month I made it back to goal, three years ago. I always get my key in December instead of earlier or waiting because I have weighed in every month of the calendar year. So far I have weighed in below goal every month since getting back to goal. I am planning to continue that trend. I gave WW plenty of my money to lose weight, I don’t plan to give them more….lol!

The new plan, or plan tweaks I guess I should say, rolled out Sunday. I won’t get the true sense of it or the materials until Saturday when it’s my official weigh in day. I told you I was playing with it a bit for the past couple of weeks, based on the rumors from the changes in the UK. Now that it’s here the postings are going crazy so I’m diving into more strictly based on the info being posted. I have adjusted my app to work, but am also tracking on paper, since the points values of foods won’t change for me until Saturday. I could go to an alternate meeting and get the materials (and I’m tempted) but I will wait.

I know a couple of you have mentioned maybe restarting WW. Have you taken the plunge? Are you waiting until the new year? If you have, and have the new materials, what do you think of the new changes? If you haven’t these changes seem to be great. I think it will make the plan much easier to fit into busy schedules! I would love to hear your thoughts.

Then Sunday I set up with Plunder and did my first ever vendor event!

This was definitely a bit different for me! I know y’all love Plunder and I thought it was time to share it with others. This was an event that is usually quite busy, but this time it was pretty slow. I did meet some new people and hopefully some new friends, but I was surprised that it wasn’t busier. All in all it was fun, a new experience, and practice for the possibility of participating in future events. “The Man” got to go grocery shopping again…..I’ve said this before, we won’t starve…..lol!

I will participating in a holiday giveaway with Real Moms Blog on the 7th and 8th! I will be giving away Plunder on the 7th and Rodan+Fields on the 8th. There are other giveaways throughout the week! Go to the Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/groups/134351100559794 and join in so that you can participate! The more the merrier!

If you are still looking for some last-minute gifts Plunder is shipping same/next day for now so there’s still time order and to receive it in time for your holiday celebrations and gift giving. Rodan+Fields orders need to be placed by 12/11 to guarantee you receive them in time for Christmas, unless you want to pay for expedited shipping.

I still can’t believe it’s so close! Have you finished shopping or still working on it? We are still working on it. I can’t believe how far behind I really am….each child has something, but I am behind. I haven’t been this behind in forever! I have been trying to adopt the four gift rule for  couple of years “something to wear, something to read, something they want, something they need” “The Man” fights that concept. He seems to think the house needs to look like Toys R Us exploded in the living room! I’m sure we aren’t the only ones who would have a house full of stuff that is forgotten by the end of the day and maybe no longer works…..I hope we can avoid that. How do you handle the holidays? Have you adopted a gift number rule or set a dollar amount  per person to spend? Or are you like “The Man”?

Let me hear from you! I’m interested in how others make this work. No judgement, just curious.

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Until the next time


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  1. Hi Janet! I’ve always been like “The Man” at Christmas time but now that Jolie is 15, I’m hoping that we can scale back a tad. She is into clothes and makeup more now so there will not be “a land of misfit toys!”

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