A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Happy Friday! The last Friday before Christmas! Wow, how did that happen? Where has the time gone?

Are y’all ready for Christmas? Have you checked the list twice and finished all shopping?  Are the presents wrapped?

I am done for the littles! Woo Hoo! And I (pretty much) stuck to the four gift rule: something to wear, something to read, something they want, something they need. Okay there maybe a couple “wants” instead of one,  but none of them really “need” anything. It will not look like Toys R Us exploded in the living room for each child though. THAT is a major improvement by itself.

My kids? Not so much, lol! I told them I wouldn’t shop for them until the littles were done….if they forgot I guess they’ll know if they read this post, lol! And only one gave me an idea of what they want/need….

Yesterday marked the official start of winter! The longest night of the year. The days will start getting longer from here! Yay! The short days are my biggest gripe with winter, way more than the cold.

And “Old Man Winter” arrived in the Mid-Atlantic two weekends ago! We had our first snow on Saturday and a little more Wednesday night, then even more last Friday evening. Three times in one week! Friday’s snow was just enough and timed just right to cancel YTT for the evening! Fortunately, it was only for Friday and we aren’t into our makeup weekend, yet….

Have you had snow in your neck of the woods yet? Assuming you are in an area where snow happens.

Having snow this early here may not bode well for the rest of the winter, although, tomorrow it is supposed to be around 60! Time will tell.

Two Friday’s ago was also Miss Quinn’s preschool Christmas program. We thought it was completely revamped but the three year old portion of the program was the same as previous years. There were some cute changes too!

This year Miss Quinn was a candy cane!

How adorable was she?

Now you may be wondering how a candy cane fits in with a Christmas program at a Christian pre school. I was wondering the same thing myself. It wasn’t long before the story unfolded.

The candy canes and presents were woven into a Christmas story about the birth of Jesus.

I haven’t written a true “Fashion Friday” post in a while, mainly because I haven’t taken any photos to share. I haven’t quite got to where I can take my own and haven’t had anyone else take them either. I also like taking them out and about instead of at home, lol, and we have been home bodies lately.  Guess we better start going places again.

I struggled with showing you the next photo. It was the best of the ones taken but I was not happy at all with what I see. I think the camera definitely picked up those few extra pounds I found this year! Maybe this was just the wake up call I need! Now I will say, the angle wasn’t the best either. But it’s either get my act together or start shopping for new clothes, again. That is not an option, at least not for a larger size. Who would turn down regular shopping?

Another thing I’ve mentioned before is I am considered “high contrast” This particular pairing does not reflect that. The sweater, in my signature burgundy, is from White House Black Market, last year. It is actually asymmetrical but the way I’m standing you can’t see that, as it’s lower on the other side. I paired it with black leggings and black tall boots that have just a tiny almost kitten heel. Boots with a higher heel would have been a better choice, as would lighter pants (at least for me). The jewelry is the Elm Set from Plunder, pictured below.

This can be purchased as a set or as separate pieces. The necklace is Davina, the bracelet is Ashlyn, and the earrings are Jaycee. Purchasing as a set if you want all three pieces will save you a few dollars, and who doesn’t want to save money? The white beads on the necklace and bracelet have veins of gold running through them, you might just be able to see them in the picture.

You may have notice this is my first post this week. It has been a week of introspection for me, coming off my YTT weekend and I have pretty much stayed off social media and have not written either. It was quite a weekend. A lot of emotion and churning and I was flat-out mentally and physically exhausted until mid-week! With five more classes to go, I can see this trend continuing as I study and grow.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Until the next time

Merry Christmas


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