Black Friday Shopping

Woo Hoo! It’s Friday! Not just any Friday this week but the Friday after thanksgiving! That makes it Black Friday! A day for shopping! The “official” kickoff to the holiday shopping season! Oh and let’s not forget stuffing ourselves with those yummy leftovers….

Are you a Black Friday shopper? Are you Thanksgiving night shopper? Did you clear away your Thanksgiving day feast and hit the stores last night? No judgment, just wondering.

I hope you had a great day with family and friends. We had a quiet relaxing day of sorts. That’s because we aren’t having our “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner until Sunday. That means I’ll be going crazy the rest of the weekend, lol!

I have never been much of a Black Friday shopper. Watching the news and seeing people go crazy and attacking others over saving a couple of dollars was enough to keep me home! I said long ago there was nothing out there worth risking your life over! That’s not to say I have never been out and about, and the few times I have stood in line for something it was a good experience. I know some of the stories are the extreme and not the norm, but boy are they scary!

“The Man” took off work one year just so we could go shopping on Black Friday! I don’t think he believed how crazy it was out there, until we got to the toy store and the line was wrapped three times around the park lot at midnight-ish! After standing there for what seemed like forever, he gave up, lol!!! We wandered through a few more stores that were open and came home and went to bed. Later we got up to get to Barnes and Noble before they opened. That year they offered a special edition nook e-reader for $79 . That was my present to me. I had made the jump to e-readers before that with the nook color, but after some time realized a regular reader would be better for reading while traveling in the car. I have since switched to the nook glow light…..speaking of which a new edition the nook glow 3 is being released today and is only $99! If you are an e-reader person that might be for you! That year was “The Mans” first and last foray into Black Friday shopping! He is now okay with going to work, lol!

I’m perfectly ok staying home and shopping online! I know there are some crazy good deals out there, my inbox has been flooded with them, and I bet your is too! Here is one of my favorites.

I just got off the phone with “The Man” a few minutes ago and he said “I’m surprised you don’t want to go to the “black store”” as ¬†he calls it. Well, now the you mentioned it, we could go……lol! I probably will not. I don’t “need” or want anything so why go?

Last night going out wasn’t an option for me. The only vehicle I could have taken was “the bus”, it can be a challenge to park on a regular shopping day, there was no way I was going to try and park and maneuver that thing around parking lots full of crazy shoppers ūüėāūüėā

To help you out with your shopping I have a few deals of my own to share with you.

PLUNDER DESIGN: Plunder will have a lot of Black Friday specials throughout the day. The savings are really great but there is a catch. The specials will be released at different times throughout the day and no one knows when they will release. What I do know it that nothing will be released today before 9am EST! Here is a sneak peek at what I know will be coming out today. There could possibly be more throughout the weekend and Monday.

I will be posting to the Facebook page when they are released. Just go to, hit the shop button and pick a party that has my name in it. These items will be found under the Specials tab.

Below are a few items that were released yesterday and as of right now are still available.

I just love this one for the tweens/teens. What a great stocking stuffer!

In addition to such great specials. If your order totals $30 or more (excluding tax and shipping) you can choose to add one of the items below for every $30 you spend. You would pay $10 for the Tony necklace and $5 for the Lilo earrings. This is while supplies last (of course). These have changed a couple of times this month. So don’t be surprised if you go to check out and your offer is different.

Legging Army: There is a site wide 10% discount. That will apply all weekend. Who doesn’t ¬†love or need leggings?

Rodan+Fields: You can’t get much better than this deal. Today only, make a purchase as a Preferred Customer (PC) and you pay what I pay!!! That means any product OR Any Business Kit if you decide to become a consultant. Just go to http://jearlingbencivenni.myrandf.comTo become a PC just scroll down to the Subscribe and Save option. If you are interested in the business then message me and we will hop on the phone and chat.

Happy Shopping!

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Have a great weekend!

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Saturday Strength Training Workout 

I was just a bit preoccupied

This was not my¬†typical Saturday. I did attend the meeting of the #saturday7amsocialclub, then headed off to my Saturday morning “torture-uh-training” session with Jeff, as usual. I was anticipating¬†this was going to be a rough workout. I¬†watched¬†what Jeff was doing off and all week on social media and had visions of what was to come….fortunately it was a bit rainy, so somethings didn’t go quite as what he may¬†have had planned. And mind you, I am not complaining! Lol.

It was dead lift week, but we didn’t go too heavy this week. Jeff, wanted to keep it light and work on speed, so we kept the weight at “only” 115 lbs. ¬†Now tell me; ¬†who needs to pick up heavy things fast? Isn’t that like an oxymoron or something?

After we were¬†finished, Jeff, remembered he hadn’t taken pictures and decided, I should do one more set so he could make the video below. He said this was a good training/learning video because it shows me rounding my shoulders instead of keeping my back flat and shoulders locked. I’m curious if that is because we had already done a lot of work and I was getting fatigued and would it have looked different early on? Definitely¬†something to focus on and look at. This week I’m not so sure.

I was just a bit preoccupied, over tired, and had considered canceling (I’ve only done that once or twice when I was too sick to go). If you read yesterday’s post you know why. If not you can read it here:’t-always-go-as-planned

Let me know if you can see and play the video. This is something new I’m trying, and I am not sure it is going to play.

We briefly talked about the possibility of training for and competing in a power-lifting meet. I have half seriously been considering it, but I also know the possibility is¬†off the table since¬†I was selected for the marathon and have to¬†train for that. I think I have decided to go for it once the marathon is over, so, I wanted to start getting an idea of what to work for. I even went so far as to look up the state records for my age and weight class; there aren’t any….I messaged Jeff what I found¬†and he said there must be something and he was going to check. Now really; how many 50+ ladies does he think are rushing to pick up “super heavy stuff”? Only us crazies ūüėú with 20 something trainers, who pick up heavy stuff! I checked three different power-lifting federations (?) records and found nothing for MD. I don’t know if Jeff, checked or not, but he hasn’t got back to me with any other information! I should be good to go, right? Lol! It doesn’t hurt to have a plan. It’s even better if you execute said plan.

Seriously though, I can only train for¬†one of these at a time. I will continue lifting and strength training, because it¬†will help with running¬†however,¬†the amount of cardio involved with running¬†affects me being able to train harder for lifting. It does give me time to work on my form and getting stronger. So that is the plan, or at least it’s my plan. Who knows what Jeff will think… My bench press is definitely my weakest link and will need the most work. For some reason in my mind that is the scariest. I think I have a fear of dropping the bar on me….Maybe I better get to work on those push ups….ūüė≥I definitely have some shoulder instability, so I should probably work on that. I’m also not the most coordinated person ever. Jeff, has said that has improved though…maybe a tad….somedays.

We shall see.

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