Remember how excited I have been for the new changes/tweaks that were coming to the Weight Watchers plan? So excited I’m fact that I was learning all I could before the official rollout! Well, I got the entire scoop Saturday when I attended the #saturday7amsocialclub.

Freestyle is finally here!

I didn’t learn anything I hadn’t already found out (sometimes social media is a wonderful thing, lol) but I was excited to “get the scoop” anyway!

Along with all the new materials! And my new charm/bling!

This one was for attending the past five meetings (you could have attended four meetings if one was thanksgiving week and still get it). It was to introduce the freestyle plan!

I love getting new bling!

I also told you I was going to do a cleanse to go along with the official start. I researched a couple and decided on a two-day “gentle cleanse” from IT Works.

A WW friend of mine decided to try it too, so we ordered our cleanse and waited for it to arrive. My original idea was to do the cleanse on Thursday and Friday last week so that I would have it out-of-the-way for the Freestyle launch. Mine, however, got stuck along the way and took five extra days to get here. Maybe that should have been a sign. So I waited to cleanse this past Sunday and Monday. I wasn’t sure how this cleanse would go (no pun intended) and didn’t want to get stuck out some where……I’m sure you know what I mean. My friend said she hadn’t had any harsh side effects so I wasn’t expecting any either and there weren’t any.

In fact I’m not sure what it did, if anything.

Well, all had been rolling along going quite nicely. Until Tuesday….I was certainly “freestyling” then…..I think I gave a new meaning to the word….I’m sure if the WW police find out they’ll be knocking down the door 😳!

I free-styled my way into more points than I cared to track. It was a day of brownies, chips, and candy…oh my! I awoke yesterday feeling like crap determined to do better……but, what is they say about plans? Yeah. All was fine until lunch time and the last of those brownies called my name.

I might be mistaken but I don’t think that was the idea behind the “Freestyle” plan….

Since my plan for this holiday season is to maintain the weight I was at my first of the month weigh in, I better get my head out of my backside! Right now I might be my own worst enemy….Am I the only one in this boat?

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