Thursday Guilty/Simple Pleasures 

I bet we can all find a Simple Pleasure

Happy first day of June! Can you believe we are almost at the halfway point of the year? Is this crazy or what? It’s almost officially summer, although I don’t think Mother Nature has quite gotten that message, at least not here, lol! Has the weather evened out in your neck of the woods or are still playing the guessing game?

After posting my Guilty/Simple Pleasures blog, a couple of weeks ago, you can read it here if you missed it, I have been thinking that Thursday might be a great day to start sharing our Simple or Guilty Pleasures. I bet we all have some or can find a simple pleasure from the previous week, or just in general, to share.

This is my most recent:

The hand of a grand little in mine.

Isn’t this just the sweetest?
Last week Miss Alessandra came to spend the day. Now you may ask “what’s new about that?” For those who don’t know I am a SAHGMa. I left my job in healthcare almost 6 years ago to stay home with my little Noah, and the babies have just kept coming, lol!

Since Miss Caterina came along in April “Lessa” has been home with mommy. Last week her mommy had some things to do and ask if Lessa could come over for the morning. Well, of course she could.

She was in rare form of course.

She started out extra whiny, lol, then decided she wanted her shoes off, then the socks, then the shirt, and finally her pants….at least she didn’t try for the diaper, lol! The next thing you know, I looked around and she has Miss Quinn’s shoes on; two different ones just as proud as punch with herself! Now at 19 months old you know that didn’t last too long before she was on to the next thing…after a while she decided she needed to put on Miss Quinn’s red shoe…yes, shoe, just one, on the wrong foot…and clomped around for ever with it. Her one red shoe and a diaper; what a picture, lol!

After a bit she wanted to climb up and sit on the couch, next to me, with an iPad. Once she got herself up and comfortable she reached over and put her hand in mine and just sat there. And there we sat, the house a mess, an almost naked baby with one red shoe on the wrong foot, an iPad (that she forgot for a few moments), and Miss Quinn and the cat on the other side. Now Miss Quinn has always had to sit holding hands and she will worm her hand in yours until it just suits her, but, this hand holding is not a “Lessa thing”, it’s a “Quinn thing”, so it was extra sweet. For a while we just there, both of them with their hands in mine. Since it there was no one else home I couldn’t get a picture of that….

This is my Simple Pleasure for this week. What is yours? Be sure to tell me about it in the comments!

June is also my birthday month! To celebrate I will be doing a few giveaways on the blog. Each week, at the end of the day on Friday, I will have a drawing for a piece of Plunder jewelry. I will announce the winner here on the blog, in the next blog post and will notify you by email. To be entered all you need to is comment on the blog, starting with todays. Everyone who leaves a comment during the week will be entered!

If you want to order from Plunder the party link to order for June is still Janete3. On my birthday, and I’m not going to tell you in advance when that is, hahaha, I will have an extra drawing for the June Posse! This month it is 3 pieces of beautiful plunder jewelry!!! That’s right one person will win the entire set! Remember all you need to do is comment on the blog to be entered in the drawing! Easy Peasy! Right?

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Don’t forget to comment to be entered in the drawings, but I really do want to hear about your Simple Pleasures too!!!

Until the next time




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