My BoHo Attempt

The past couple of weeks have been crazy hot here. Maybe it was the same where you are too. Last Saturday after doing some shopping at a big box store (you should have seen the fridge before, it was like Mother Hubbard's cupboard) we came home and just vegged, hoping to stay cool. Ok "The Man" slept, I just sat around and vegged. I earned it, lol. I had a very intense workout, with Jeff that morning, which I'll be telling you about in another post.

After "The Man" woke up we decided to go out for dinner at the last-minute. Well it was that or not eat; just because we went to the store doesn't mean I was planning to cook….😂😂. I really wanted to go to Artscape (that is an annual local art festival that always seems to coincide with the hottest weekend of the year). We didn't make it there. It was "The Mans" Saturday to work and at 5:30 that morning it was 84 degrees, walking around outside was not on his list of fun things to do.

So dinner it was, but where to? That is almost always a challenge question.

"The Man" has been on a Tater Tot (of all things) kick recently, much to my dismay….they are ok now and then, but I find them extremely salty. Well, Jeff (I think he's a bad influence, after all I never knew about Duck Donuts until Jeff told me about them, and for those who may be new to the blog, Jeff is my personal trainer) recently told me about and has posted all over social media about tater tots at a Japanese restaurant in the city called Sticky Rice. Apparently they are the best things ever! Now I still haven't made the connection between tater tots and Japanese cuisine, but ok. If it works….Well, "The Man" suggested we go there. Had he finally lost it? He does not eat Japanese food, he doesn't remotely eat anything that resembles Japanese food. So what was he going to eat other than tater tots? Nothing. I looked at the menu online, it would have been a stretch to modify anything to where he would eat it. I just couldn't….maybe we can go there, just because, some day but not for a meal…..I don't see that being an enjoyable date….Do you know what I mean?

Since that didn't work out we went to The Iron Rooster. I've told you about them before. We've only been there for breakfast and they serve that all day, so we could get that or try something new. "The Man" had breakfast and I got dinner. I ordered shrimp and biscuits.

I said biscuits, but it's really only one biscuit. They are HUGE! This may not look like a lot, but I couldn't finish it all (and I ate some shrimp before I took the picture). However, there wasn't enough left to bring home either.

I decided to "experiment" with an outfit and attempt a BoHo look. It was a very casual, hangout and enjoy the evening outfit. Except for the color, I thought it would be coolish should we decide to venture to Artscape too.

No make up, except for some lip color. It has really been too hot the past few weeks. I feel like even the lightest makeup will be sliding off. I imagine you girls know what I mean.

Since the Lululemon tank was black and the pants were black with a tan print, I added a bit of color with my Plunder Jewelry. The earrings are called Judy. They are part of the filigree collection and are only $8.00! There is something for everyone in the filigree collection and they are so light weight! The short, bar necklace is called Jefra; it comes with whatever initial you would like. I like that it is gold-colored. Yellow gold has always been my go to, but I am getting out of my box there. The long necklace is called Avery. The size of the pendant and coral/orangish beads say BoHo to me. They remind me of the "love beads" from yesteryear. Who remembers those? I looked at it for a while before getting it. I was worried about the length. I could have shortened it a bit more. The bracelets are the magnetic bling bracelets; Ezra which has black stones and Kayson which is peach stones. The larger bead bracelet that is in the middle of them is from the Julius set that was a special last month.

I don't think the look or outfit was awful, but I'm not sure it was totally me or that I was over successful with my attempt either. What do you think?

I bought the pants two years ago, at Target, but have only wore them once or twice. I practically forgot about them until one of the 40 Plus Style Club challenges last month. The exercise was to style a pair of print pants with an asymmetrical top. I do like the pants, but I have yet to find a shoe I like with them. I'm still working on that, but I wore my nude sandals by Vince Camuto via HSN, this time, I've shown you them before. They were better than some I've tried and I could/would wear them again.

One of the comments from the "experts" in the style club was the pants are more of a BoHo style maybe even tribal, and I'm more of a classic style. As I write this raga muffin would be appropriate, lol. I still have a couple of ideas to work on with them, then I'll decide if they stay or go.

Here are the two looks I put together for the style challenge, along with a closeup of the print in the pants. Now remember the top idea was asymmetrical and both of these colors worked with the pants.

I'm still learning the art of self photography…..stay with me, this may be a long lesson!

I had a aha moment, that day, and decided to try heels for the challenge. I don't hate them, but I don't love them either. I think they look better with these tops than sandals or flats would. These are also much higher than I would wear if I were going to be walking a lot. I did successfully (according to the group) make my legs look long. That's something; right? Lol!

The short top is from the That Woman line by Marlo Thomas and is available from HSN. The longer top is actually the top from the Covered Perfectly Leisure Suit. The top from the leisure suit has been so popular that Pauline has brought them out as a stand alone piece now! If you haven't tried covered perfectly yet, you need to. Remember as a Grandma to Glamma blog reader you get 20% OFF on up to two items!
Use the discount code GG20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly.
There are several styles to choose from, and the discount will apply on
up to two items. Or you may take advantage of the “Buy 2 get your 3rd FREE” special. This special applies to any combination of items store
wide, just add 3 items to your cart and the discount will be applied
automatically. Only one of the discounts will work.Start shopping!

Which look do you like best, from the style challenge? I think I like the longer Covered Perfectly top best, but that is within my comfort zone. I am trying to learn to go outside that zone and try new looks. The style club is helping with that. I am trying somethings I would have never thought of.

There's only a couple of days left in July. Plunder still has that great sign up incentive through the end of the month. If you are still thinking about joining me, now would be the time.

There aren't many businesses I know of that you can start for only $99. If you have any questions message or email me at or just go to my website: and click on "become a stylist" to sign up.

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Until the next time


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Some Girl Time and A Make-Over

This past Saturday I grabbed my daughter and headed to Ulta for an IT cosmetics makeover. Now we are not new to IT. We have been using IT products since the end of last year. I thought it would be a fun thing to do. Have a little girl time, spend some money, etc. I needed to buy a new mascara (amazing how mine had just run out).  I started using the IT Super Hero mascara when it came with a kit I purchased around the holidays. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but came to like it. For several years I was using Dazzle Lash in Brunette from MAC. I loved it, it was the first mascara I had ever used that didn’t flake all over my face. But when I needed to buy a new one last year and headed off to MAC I discovered they no longer make it. In fact I guess it had been way too long since I last bought it, because they looked at me as if I had three heads!

I decided to show you all the results of this event and make it a blog post.

Here I am, before, with no makeup. I may not win a prize, but…..

Here is the after. All made up 😳. A bit scary in my opinion! If I was not a user of IT cosmetics, this would not have enticed me to become one!!!

I think I quite resembled “The Joker” from batman! The “old”, “real” Adam West Batman! I tend to go for a natural “no makeup” look. I’m not sure what I ended up with, but it is not me! My daughter said it’s just because I take horrible selfies, lol! I will admit I have not mastered the art of selfies yet, and I may never, but I don’t think that is it!!!

I never use eyeliner and this look is why. It certainly has not made me think I should start! I look as if I slept for three days in my make-up; after a bender! I also do not use mascara on my lower lashes.

Why? Well I have rather sparse to almost non-existent lower lashes (and the top ones are nothing to brag about)! I have been considering trying Lash Boost from Rodan & Fields. I have seen several pictures of ladies with lashes much like mine now and the results are amazing! Some are consultants for R&F and some not. A couple are people who I actually know. They have a great special going in right now, which is making it hard to not jump on the bandwagon!  I have to admit, it’s VERY expensive and that is partially what has held me back. Have any of you heard of and/or used their products? If so what are your thoughts? I will keep you posted on the decision, but if you have tried it, please let us know your thoughts.

Since this week has been crazy and I have not posted the blog much this week I have also not drawn the Plunder piece for last week. I will do two at one time and announce the winners.

Thank you to everyone that has participated! I hope the winners have or will enjoy their prize. I know one hasn’t arrived, yet, as it had quite a way to travel, but is on the way!

Today is the last to sign up with me for Plunder and have the chance to earn your kit for free and earn a free cruise in January! How lovely would that be? When it’s cold, dark, and dreary at home to be cruising the Caribbean!

You have until midnight so log onto to my website, click on Plunder Opportunity and then become a stylist or email me at with questions or for details. I don’t know if there will be another opportunity like this. Starting a business for $99.00 is unheard of, but to start a business for free?! WOW!

Next week I will be sharing some of the looks I pulled together for the June challenges in The Style Club. You will really get to see my “selfie” taking at work, as I took several days of looks with my phone and a “selfie button”. Hopefully, my lack of skill will not scare you away! If you have not already joined there is time to do so, or get on the waiting list for the next wave. July’s challenges will focus on color. It promises to be interesting, but not as busy! Thank goodness, lol!

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Until the next time



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My Preakness Hat

A couple of weeks ago I posted my Kentucky Derby look when we attended the Baltimore FlowerMart. If you missed it, you can read about it here. Well, I decided, I just had to get a new hat for the Preakness Stakes! Since discovering I can wear hats last summer, I am always on the look out for a new one. Well what better reason to buy a hat but for the Preakness Stakes race?

For those unfamiliar with horse racing; the Preakness is the second race in the quest for the triple crown. It is run two weeks after the Kentucky Derby here in Baltimore at Pimlico Racetrack. The next leg is run at Belmont in NY in three weeks.

Now I am in no way a horse racing aficionado. I only pay attention to these three races and mainly because the second one is run here at home. I must admit I like the fashion aspect of it too and have always been fascinated by the hats…..other than that, it’s just another day. Fortunately I had the good sense not to take up horse betting too. The finish was not expected and I would have not won a dime!!

Early last week Hats In The Belfry posted on Facebook that designer/milliner Christine A. Moore would be having a trunk a show at the local FellsPoint store (my regular store) Thursday and Friday with her designs for Preakness. She an official milliner for numerous horse racing venues, and the featured milliner at many races, including the Preakness. You really should go to her website and read all about her, her amazing career, and accomplishments.

After much thinking (ok not too much, I barely mentioned it to “The Man”) we headed down there Friday evening. I spent over an hour looking at all the hats on display, from the ones in the show to the ones that are staples at the store.

These were the contenders.

I looked at this one several times, but I had almost made my decision as to which one I was getting, before I decided to try it. I liked it, a lot, but now that I look at the picture I think it flattens me some. I’m pretty sure I could find just the right outfit and it would have a much different look.

This next one is one that was already at the store and not part of the show. I don’t remember if this was Christine’s design or not. I like the color and the fit and the brim size is one that I am most comfortable with.

The hat below is the first hat that caught my eye and I tried it on, immediately,  when I walked in the store. I was totally convinced it was way to large for me!

It did go well with the top I had on, lol! Christine was fabulous and helped to play around and shape it differently. She may have been glad to see me leave, lol!

What do you think about the two different looks on the same hat?

Playing with the brim and giving it that asymmetry look made a big difference, I think.

So which hat do you think I chose? Out of the ones pictured, which is your favorite? Why? My sons think I look silly in hats. What are your thoughts?

Christine hasn’t left the man in your life out, either. If you go to the website and click on The Blake Collection, you will be able to find a hat suitable for your Mister.

This was the hat I chose and my Preakness day look. I had several ideas for styling it right from the start.

But  of course, it didn’t work like I planned.

This wasn’t my first choice for what I wanted to wear, for the day, but life took over and we had some things we had to take care of; so a day at the race track did not happen. This became the best outfit choice for the way the day turned out and to go out later and enjoy the Preakness from a local establishment. This was an outfit that I knew the hat would look good with, just not what I planned on for this day.

This was the best picture I was able to get. I had hoped for a full length photo, but I really need to stop trying to let “The Man” be a photographer….that’s a story for another day!

The top is the cold shoulder one I showed you a while back during the first style club challenge. It came from White House Black Market. This is my first ever cold shoulder top. I have taken a while to get on the bandwagon with this trend. When I put it on I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to wear it. It felt strange. After a few minutes, I got used to the feel and it was actually very comfortable and I felt confident and it had just the right amount of coverage. The white ankle jeans are from Levi. The purse you’ve seen before, it is called Sawyer from Dooney and Bourke. The jewelry from both days is from Plunder the earrings from the first pictures are in the new catalog and called Kelsie. They have peach colored stones and match back to the Kayson bracelet. They do have a bit of weight to them, but I don’t think they are overly heavy. This bracelet and earrings are now part of the new Plunder Sets and are called the Geranium Set. Just this month Plunder put together matching pieces in sets.  If you’ve been looking at getting pieces that match now you can order a set and save some money! Of course this was after I went on my own shopping spree, lol! The necklace I am wearing is part of the March Posse, and is no longer available. It came with matching earrings. The Plunder Posse is a monthly subscription where you get 1-3 pieces of jewelry each month for $25.00 tax and shipping included. You can cancel and restart as often as you’d like. That works out well if one month you don’t care for the selection.  The bracelet that you can’t see very well is called Paige and is part of the new line.

What do you think of my new hat and Preakness look? Out of the three I showed you, which would you have chosen?

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Until the next time


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Muddling Along

Not great but a start in the right direction

It has been a long and challenging week or at least the end to last week was! Remember I told you last week about the hit run involving “The Mans” car? Well somewhere along the way I gave into temptations and had a few days of a “free for all”.

I got up Saturday morning and headed off to the meeting of the #Saturday7amsocialclub up a full 6 pounds from my first of the month weigh in and 5 full pounds from where I was on Wednesday morning!!! After that, off I went to meet with Jeff, my trainer. He was very supportive, and tried to make me feel better by telling me I was just carb-loading for our workout, lol! Now had that really been the case; yes, I would have gained that amount of weight and been “almost” ok with it. But, even I knew better. Of course there were plenty of carbs involved, along with fat and salt and other bits of junk!!!!

He worked my rear off….but then that is nothing new. I did leave ready to get it together. I had decided on Friday that enough was enough and started getting back to my regular way of eating, but lets face it; one day does not undo the damage. We skipped our Saturday date night. I know I had to leave it be. I was also planning on getting “The Man” to take me to breakfast on Sunday (yes there was a method to my madness, Lol). Two meals out was not feasible, under the circumstances. Considering part of the problem was eating take out several days last week, even one meal was pushing it.

I got up Sunday morning and weighed. I usually don’t do that on Sunday; I give the scale a day of rest. I had lost 1 of those interloping pounds. It almost made me rethink going out for breakfast; after all it was a holiday too and I knew what was on the menu for that.

We went anyway and went back to the “Iron Rooster” restaurant I told you about a couple of weeks ago. It was such a beautiful spring morning that they had the glass doors open and outside seating available. We weren’t quite sure about sitting outside so early in the morning yet, so we sat next to the open doors. It was a great mix of fresh air and sunshine.

We got one of those yummy homemade pop tarts to share again and I ordered the sausage gravy biscuit this time. There was only one biscuit, but it was HUGE!!!! I only  ate half of it and brought the rest home. I thought I would eat it later, but did not.

Doesn’t this look just too yummy? And trust me; it is!

On the way home I received a text from Jeff. He was sending some extra workout sets for this week!!! Can you believe that? Didn’t he have anything better to do on Easter Sunday morning? What was he doing spying on me? Maybe I shouldn’t have posted those pictures to instagram, in hopes of winning a gift card for another trip, lol!

Now if you notice, this says Monday. Does that mean I only need to do it one day, haha?  I haven’t heard otherwise, or received another text; as of yet, so? I should probably be careful what I say….I did do it Monday and Tuesday, so far, along with my other workouts; some I haven’t done in a while. He should be proud! Right? Of course, right!

Mondays weigh in was the same as Sundays, so I didn’t do too bad. As of this morning, I am happy to say I have rid myself of a bit more than two of those offending pounds. Not great, but a good start in the right direction. Now to keep the momentum going. Do you think Jeff’s extra curricula activities have contributed?

I have got back on the right food track, at least so far. How did I do it? Well, for starters I refused to go to the grocery store this week. We have enough food in this house to last through a “zombie apocalypse” so you can bet no on is going to go without. I knew a trip to the store would result in more junk food than real food (“The Man” is a junk food junkie, of the worst kind) being bought. By not bringing it in, it can’t be eaten. And lets face it; he doesn’t need it either. I think he insists on going to the store with me because he knows that’s the only way he will junk, lol!

How did you fare over the holiday? Are you fighting to get back on track, or did you have a plan and stick to it? Let me know! We are in the together!

I’m not sure if I’m going to participate in the style challenges for this week. I think it might be too much. We are gearing up for the arrival of the new grand little on Friday. This weekends challenge is: Date Night. If I manage of this weeks, it might be that; providing we go out and the weather is cooperative. That will be the challenge, this week.

I do have some new looks and ideas I want to share with you. I have been approached by Covered Perfectly (I’ve told you about them, previously, and showed some of my own items) to collaborate with them, and have accepted. I am so excited for this opportunity. Stay tuned for more to come.

The blog is now also being featured in the under lifestyle bloggers. You can go over there and check it out along with a great group of other bloggers.

I think I told you about joining The Fierce 50 Revolution, and hope to become one of the bloggers on the The Fierce 50 Campaign soon. If you would like to know about The Fierce 50 or join the revolution; you can request to join the Facebook page “The Fierce 50 Revolution”! What a great group of women! Many are blogger, but many are not. It’s a great group women lifting each other up!

Have you signed up for the email list yet? I will not sell or give your email away, it’s just so you will be the first to know when a new blog has been posted. I am trying to grow the subscriber list here on the blog along with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You have helped so much with that; by liking, commenting, and sharing my posts. Facebook is closing in on 500 likes! Wow! That’s small compared to some, but it’s growing each day. I appreciate all your support and help.

You know I love hearing from you, so let me know what you think about all these latest “developments”.

Until the next time


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