Powerlifting Meet

In May I had the chance to go watch a powerlifting meet! I met my trainer, Jeff, there. He was wanting to check it out since he would be competing in his first meet in June. It was held a little over a mile from my house, but I almost didn’t make it. It was on a Saturday and “The Man” knowing I had planned to go there, just had to go to Sams….have you noticed a theme here? I swear he thinks that store isn’t open any day other than Saturday. The women were up first, which is why I wanted to go early. I did manage to get there before the women finished. I am so glad I did! I got to see two ladies in the masters division, both in a different age and weight class than I am. Both lifting significantly more weight than I do, right now, and it’s possible they always will. There is a significant weight difference between us. But it was good to see. It was good to watch and see how the meets are run, and was great to see other women around my age and older powerlifting. I know that I am not alone with my craziness…there aren’t many of us, but we are there and maybe we can encourage other women to test the waters.

They were both named Linda. There was Linda Jo and Linda.

This is Linda. Linda is 60+ years young. Her final deadlift for the meet was 280+ pounds! She hit and won the gold for her age/weight class!! She is now in training for her next meet, it will take place in October in Orlando, FL.

I was able to speak with Linda for a few minutes before I left. She is amazing. She is a grandmother of five. She runs a non-profit, and she is a pastor. Linda has only been lifting for about two years. Like me she kind of fell into powerlifting while working with a personal trainer. He noticed she was good at picking up heavy stuff and convinced her to train as a powerlifter. She has taken the gold in her division in all her meets, so far. Linda has a Facebook page where she shares her journey. Go check out her page and give it some love. She has recently started training with a new trainer. He is 70+ and still competing and has set several of his own records.

This is Linda Jo. I was not able to speak with her. I do know that she and Linda were in the same weight class and their final deadlift was the same weight, but I don’t know about age. 

Linda Jo was definitely intense and intimidating. She certainly came with her “game face” on. To tell the truth she was a bit scary! Lol.

Linda and Linda Jo have different lifting stances. Linda uses a conventional stance where Linda Jo uses a sumo stance.

Either one is fine and allowed, it’s just what you’ve trained for and your preference. With the sumo stance apparently you don’t have to lift the bar up as far. I use the conventional stance. After watching this meet I tried lifting with the sumo stance and it was a bit weird, for me. Apparently, I am a conventional stance girl!

These two ladies are phenomenal. The women’s powerlifting masters division is going to be a force to be reckoned with one day. Have I convinced you to start lifting yet?

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Do Not Steal Someone’s Moment To Shine

Be happy

Happy Labor Day! The last day of a the long weekend. The beginning to the end of summer. The last day of summer vacation for many school children. Has school already started back in your area? This is the first year in I don’t know how long we are starting back after Labor Day. Are your children/grandchildren ready and excited about the new school year?

Please be aware of bullying. It is such a problem with kids, for sure, but can occur at any age. It is not a new problem by any means, I have come to realize I was bullied in school. It might seem to be getting worse but maybe there wasn’t much attention on it then. So please be aware of your littles being bullied and don’t allow them to bully others.

I hope you have had a great day and a wonderful weekend. My weekend was relatively typical. It started off with the weekly meeting of the #saturday7amsocialclub aka WW for my monthly weigh in (I was down from August, yay) then off to my session with my trainer, Jeff. Saturday was pretty much a “wash out” weather wise, so after I got home we headed to the store! “The Man” finally got his wish, lol! It was such a wet, gray, damp day that I made tomato bisque and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner! Who doesn’t love some comfort food on days like that?

I ran yesterday, not as far as the plan called for, but I did what I could. After missing last weeks 8 mile run (which was a step back week) due to Miss Quinn’s Saturday night, all-night party, this week called for 14 miles. My plan was to go for it. Early in I knew that would be pushing it. So on the fly I devised and implemented plan B, C, D; ect. I ran the 8 I supposed to run last week for time/pace, then turned off my timer and interval reminder and added two more, mainly walking the last one. I was thinking I could work more in next Sunday. What I didn’t think about until after is that I won’t be running this Sunday; it will be the first weekend of Yoga Teacher Training! That means I am going to need to log some miles during this week and keep up with my regular workouts! Heaven help me!

During my run I was thinking about this post and what I would say. I knew what I wanted to write about, but I hope I can make it make sense. I am going to try. It is quite a sore spot, and may become a bit of a ramble.

If you are a regular reader you know that I train with Jeff on Wednesday and Saturday, and that I often post pictures or videos, and write about milestones here. I also share them to my personal Facebook page, as well as instagram and such; as does Jeff. I do this in hopes of encouraging others to take steps to do what they want. To not limit themselves, especially us ladies of a “certain age”. I know that the activities I do may not be for you, but it may help you to see that you can do something you have wanted and thought impossible. Through writing the blog and posting I have found other ladies “of that certain age” who are powerlifters too. Some even older than me! There is a sisterhood and we know we are not alone. I have had some of you write and tell me my story has you thinking about running or lifting. You have realized it’s not impossible. You may not go to the levels I have and may not try to compete, but if you just turn that desire into doing more, you have won!

This past Wednesday was no different. Jeff posted a video and sent it to me to share, which I did. Here it is:

Things were pretty normal, Until a Facebook “friend” made a comment on my post. This was the comment:

“Hope you do not hurt your lower back !!!!!

 There’s so many other exercises you are able to do that will work the same muscles that doesn’t have to be this intense js”

This was finally my response.

“There are. But when you’re training to lift heavy and for a powerlifting competition. You lift and train heavy.”

It took me a while to find a way to say something nice. Trust me my first instinct was to lay into her. Why, you may ask?

This is someone who bullied me in junior high/high school (it wasn’t middle school back then).

I was not an athletic kid, I have probably mentioned that a time or two. Honestly, I still don’t consider myself athletic. Team sports were never my thing. I was terrible at them. If you notice, I don’t engage in team activity now. I run races and there are others, but I am competing against myself, to better my time, to challenge me, to test my own endurance. When I do things like run five half marathons in five weeks or a half and full marathon in the same weekend I am competing with me, I am challenging myself. This is same as when I went for that 185 lb deadlift. I had a goal to lift more than the amount I weighed when I returned to WW 3 1/2+ years ago. That was a challenge and suck a “high” for me. There are a host of others in a yoga practice, but in Yoga you work at your pace with your breath and where your body is that day. And with weightlifting I am bettering and competing against myself. Even if I want to go to a competition and maybe set a record.

My first memories of being made fun of because I couldn’t catch a ball or make the kick in kickball etc go back to fifth grade and age 10. I was always the last or next to last picked at recess. Often others actually saying they didn’t want me on the team because I wasn’t good enough.

This certainly felt like that all over again. I don’t believe this came from concern or a place of loving kindness. I found it mean-spirited. Trying to take my success away. This person has recently began attending a boot camp for weight loss. That’s great! I would do nothing but encourage someone to better themselves. Do what works for you, but just because you have jumped on a fitness bandwagon, does not make you an expert. Do not steal someone else’s thunder! Be happy for them and their accomplishment. Cheer for them. It’s ok to acknowledge that it may not be for you, but don’t discourage them. Don’t make them feel wrong. Unless you have been there, side by side training you do not know what they have done to get where they are.

She was a cheerleader back in the day, should she decide to do that again I wouldn’t tell her she shouldn’t be turning flips, doing hand stands, or such. Why must she try to steal my thunder? In all the years through my weight loss and half marathon, marathon trainings she has never responded to a post. Is she jealous? I don’t know. What I do know is that it still rankles and brought back a flood of memories.

She (in my opinion) does not/ has not followed my journey and that’s ok. If she did she would know where I started at and how far I’ve come. She would know that I have been working with a trainer since almost day on and that Jeff and I have been training together for going on three years. That we/I have worked long and hard to get to this point. Jeff knows me and what I am capable of. I did not get here over night. It has taken time. I am still a work in progress. And this isn’t where we are heading for the long run. I must get through my marathon training before we step it up much more. Jeff, also knows if we try something that I am not comfortable doing or don’t think I’m ready for I will not do it or I will stop and try again after training better for it. Yes, he will push/nudge me out of my comfort zone (as will any trainer worth their weight) but he won’t ask me to do something he doesn’t do.

So all of this was to say, if you want to do something, JUST DO IT. Do not let some one tell that you can’t or that you shouldn’t. Follow your heart and dream. If you need to make modifications until you get to where you want to be that’s ok. Just have fun doing it. And encourage those who dare to follow their dream, even if it isn’t yours.

The week of posting three happy things that happened each day has passed. How did you do with yours? I am going to continue to post mine each day on my personal Facebook page, the blog page, and twitter. I will not post them here (unless a few say you like me to, if so let me know) since it is always a day behind.

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I will leave you with this thought.

Have a great week; on purpose.

Until the next time


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Workout Wednesday

This week is out of sync. Since we are planning on taking the grand littles back to school shopping, in Pennsylvania, Saturday I have altered my workout schedule for this week. “The Man” will likely want to leave earlier than we need to, so I won’t have my regular session with Jeff and will likely miss the #saturday7amsocialclub! Altering my schedule with Jeff means I will have six straight workout days, before a rest day! Boy, I hope I can survive it!

The last time I altered my schedule was three weeks ago. Not intentionally, but at the last-minute I had to miss my Wednesday workout. So come Saturday, which is arm day, I was not prepared for Jeff to decide we were going to work arms AND legs to make-up for missing a day…Since we usually only work arms on Saturday I don’t wear my lifting shoes, so we almost didn’t lift, but I suggested lifting barefooted and Jeff agreed. I must be a glutton for punishment!! Remind me why I do this?

Do you remember a few weeks ago, when I told I hit a new deadlift PR of 175 pounds? I told you then it was “almost” the amount I weighed when I started my weight loss journey more than three years ago. The significance didn’t hit me until afterward. I knew I had to keep working.

Well once we got into the lifting phase of this altered work out, Jeff, said we wouldn’t go for weight but volume….unless I wanted to, but we had already done a lot of work with squats and bench pressing. Now what do you think I did? He’s going to give me a choice between repping weights or hitting a new PR….This girl was going for it! Because that carrot was still dangling in front of my nose. My exact words to him were: let’s go for it! What’s the worst that can happen? I won’t get it? Wouldn’t be the first time. When I first went for 175 (earlier in the year) I wasn’t ready and I didn’t even know exactly what was on the bar. I took a potty break (it happens at my age, lol) and when I came back Jeff had added weight. I knew he had, but wasn’t sure exactly how much. I had tried to calculate it in my head, but hadn’t and I really think I just went for it too fast and wasn’t prepared for it.

We racked up 185 and I stared it down and literally walked back and forth, stalking it; for what seemed like forever. I was mentally getting myself ready. Then I went for it!

And I got it! A new PR!!! I knew once I pulled off the floor it was coming up! I have officially lifted more weight than my heaviest weight!!!! I was laughing and crying at the same time! Jeff and my son both said it looked easy. I’m not sure I would go that far, lol, but that two hundred may not seem so far-fetched after all.

If this wasn’t enough when I went in the following Wednesday Jeff had some crazy ideas. Since the weather was nice, after some warm ups with squats on that Smith Machine I showed you then a few traditional squats, we took our work out outside this is what he concocted:

After about ten of these Jeff had the brilliant idea that he would sit on the tire and have me lift it. I budged it some, but wasn’t able to fully get it up. Something to aim for the next time! Maybe.

This is why Jeff has said the weight I have gained back is muscle. He says I  can’t lift that amount of weight without getting stronger and I can’t get stronger without adding muscle….yada yada. Yes, I know but I still do not have to like it! This is the hardest part to wrap my head around. If you have any tips or hints on how to do that, please share!

Apparently I have gained or built my arm muscles. When “The Man” I went shopping this past weekend, I was trying on long-sleeved blouses. They fit my body and not my arms….first world/weightlifter problems? This did not so anything to help my thoughts about adding weight though.

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Until the next time


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Training Plan(s)

I wonder what Jeff has in store for me next

I am running a marathon in October, but you most of you already know that. Last Monday I started (sort of) a new training plan. A plan to take me into the summer. I am part of the Another Mother Runner tribe. Periodically during the year we can elect to participate in five-week fun challenge plans called stride plans. I almost always sign up. Can’t say I always finish, but I start…..

Here is the current plan-Stride into Summer

Now I think I’ve told you before I have used training plans, I just don’t follow them to the letter….remember “my way”? Yeah that’s me….that song was even playing at the gym a couple of weeks ago when I went in for a session with Jeff…

Here is how my first week actually went.

Now I really did have every intention of starting Monday off on the right foot, and going for a walk after taking Noah to the bus stop. However, Miss Quinn decided she wasn’t going to walk, and dragging kids wasn’t part of the plan….I guess carrying her could have been considered strength training, hahaha. I didn’t push the issue and didn’t go later because to tell the truth my rump was sore from my workout with Jeff on Saturday and I didn’t run Sunday (mother’s day) either… (that’s why we switched leg day to Wednesday and arms to Saturday). I have a feeling leg day is going to become quite a “pain in the rear”….

I also started working on my marathon training plan. This stride plan will end the week before I need to start serious full marathon training. My goal is/was that it will help me build my base. Now I just need to dig in, set it up, and make it work!

Here is the plan I used for my first/last marathon.

As you can see some thing got messed up in the first couple of weeks (don’t ask me how), so I will need to go back and fix them, but for getting it together purposes; it works. I haven’t completely decided if I am going to use this same plan, try a different one, or modify this one (ok this is modified, lol). But since my workout schedule and intensity with Jeff has changed I will need to modify it even more to accommodate that. Back then I was only working out with Jeff for 30 minute sessions every other week. When he went out on his own we went to one hour ever other week. Last fall I upped it every week for an hour, and now we are at twice a week for an hour. We have been at this schedule for three weeks now. I haven’t died yet….but I wasn’t so sure I was going to survive last Wednesdays deadlifts. I ended up lifting 155×6 total for my heaviest lifts.

Now the plan, apparently, was to go for three. Jeff, neglected to tell me that (so it’s his fault) and after one I put it down. Then he told me he wanted three. The most I had done at that weight was two. I couldn’t pull the third one a few weeks ago. Well, I regrouped and started again; one, two, and I thought I was going to hurl on three! Seriously. For real. I’m not sure if I ate too much before going, or if it was what I ate. I had a brain blurp, didn’t think, and had some fried stuff (which I don’t eat very often to begin with) or if it was because I had a new weight belt.

My son, DIL, and granddaughter gave me a nice new belt for Mother’s Day.

I think it’s going to take years to break it in. I had not been convinced it was the correct size and after thinking I was going to lose my cookies, I’m still not. They ordered a small and I cannot get it past that first hole, on my own. I was able to go one tighter with my sons help, and it was fine (if I didn’t want to breathe), lol! Along with that, it’s so wide it wedges pretty much between my rib cage and hip bones. Jeff, insisted it was fine….then he got me his, which is a medium, it went all the way to the last hole, wrapped back around me, and was loose….So I guess it’s ok size wise (if I don’t gain an ounce)! I’m not sure my “innards” have recovered yet….

Well, after I thought for sure I was going to lose it or croak, Jeff, insisted I could pull three….apparently somewhere deep down I knew I could too, or I was going to go out trying. I regrouped again, tightened my belt and pulled it; one, two, annnnd three. That’s how I ended up doing 155×6. If I don’t do that again it’ll be too soon. We went on to some ab work and I ended the night with a three-minute plank! Saturday was arm day and I ran on Sunday. I wonder what Jeff, has in store for me next? Maybe I shouldn’t ask….

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Until te next time


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Weekend Warrior

Or just plain crazy

Saturday’s workout with my trainer, Jeff, was nothing short of amazing? Crazy? Awesome? It was good. We worked on some serious lifting. I am surprised I could move the next day, lol.

We worked on squats, dead lifting, and bench pressing. All in one day; which is unusual. Like I told you last week, that bench press is going to need A LOT of work, but I’m sure it will get better. I did set new PR’s for squats and the dead lift. Just to see what I could do Jeff jumped my squat weight from 105-135 pounds! I told you I think he’s trying to do me in, lol. Jeff didn’t get a picture of that; he wanted to make sure to spot me incase I couldn’t do it.

We then moved on to the bench press. Now I told you I was weak in that, but, I can press just the bar pretty good…all 45 pounds of it, lol! We tried adding 20 pounds to it and it wasn’t very pretty….so we took it down to 55 and I managed to get it fairly decent. I most certainly have a lot of work to do.

After that we moved on over to the dead lift. I’m not sure, but I might enjoy that; just a little bit….We went through a few lifts of “lite” weight. Then moved on up. After a few lifts I had to visit the facilities (nothing new there) and when I came back Jeff had racked on some new weights. I wasn’t exactly sure of what the amount was, but I knew it was more than I had ever done. I approached and tried, but just couldn’t pull it. It was 175 pounds. We took off 10 and I went to lift it for one pull! Jeff, did manage to get a video. I think it is much better than last weeks over all.

I’m still not sure why last weeks was so “sloppy” on such lite weight. I still think it was in part to being “finished” then going back to doing a quick round for videoing. I guess it still remains to be seen. If you missed last weeks post and video you can see it here. Let me know what you think.​

If this craziness with Jeff isn’t enough; I have decided to go from training once a week with him to twice a week….so I will now work Jeff on Saturday and Wednesday Nights; is this smart or just plain crazy? I guess we will see. I must be a glutton for punishment!

Sunday morning, I got up and ran. It was the first time in a couple of weeks. It was the first time in a very long time, I felt good about it. I didn’t run fast (ok, really, do I ever) but it wasn’t my slowest either. I didn’t run far, but farther than the last time.

When I got up Sunday morning I was going determined I was going to get out and run. I did. I must admit, I have had a hard time getting motivated to start training for the marathon. Why I just don’t know, but I have not been able to get my head around it. Maybe because it is so far out, which is true, but I need to build up my base. I cannot do that sitting on my rear end. Maybe this is going to be my last running hurrah? I don’t know. I am still in a bit of a funk and I need something to pull me out.

As I got ready to go on Sunday, something felt different. I fueled, I got dressed and as I was getting things together; I felt almost giddy with excitement. Have I turned the corner? I don’t know, but I started thinking about when I was going to run again, getting out my training book to start logging workouts (then decided I needed a new book for a new year; Hello Amazon!). I ordered it and it should be here today!! Yay! It is the little things…

It was very overcast, but it was humid. I sweated. In a tank top. I never sweat. It was kind of nice. Maybe. Just. Maybe. “I’m gonna make it after all”….

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Please take a few minutes and let me know what you think about this craziness. I love hearing from you.

Until the next time



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Saturday Strength Training Workout 

I was just a bit preoccupied

This was not my typical Saturday. I did attend the meeting of the #saturday7amsocialclub, then headed off to my Saturday morning “torture-uh-training” session with Jeff, as usual. I was anticipating this was going to be a rough workout. I watched what Jeff was doing off and all week on social media and had visions of what was to come….fortunately it was a bit rainy, so somethings didn’t go quite as what he may have had planned. And mind you, I am not complaining! Lol.

It was dead lift week, but we didn’t go too heavy this week. Jeff, wanted to keep it light and work on speed, so we kept the weight at “only” 115 lbs.  Now tell me;  who needs to pick up heavy things fast? Isn’t that like an oxymoron or something?

After we were finished, Jeff, remembered he hadn’t taken pictures and decided, I should do one more set so he could make the video below. He said this was a good training/learning video because it shows me rounding my shoulders instead of keeping my back flat and shoulders locked. I’m curious if that is because we had already done a lot of work and I was getting fatigued and would it have looked different early on? Definitely something to focus on and look at. This week I’m not so sure.

I was just a bit preoccupied, over tired, and had considered canceling (I’ve only done that once or twice when I was too sick to go). If you read yesterday’s post you know why. If not you can read it here: www.grandma2glamma.com/things-don’t-always-go-as-planned

Let me know if you can see and play the video. This is something new I’m trying, and I am not sure it is going to play.

We briefly talked about the possibility of training for and competing in a power-lifting meet. I have half seriously been considering it, but I also know the possibility is off the table since I was selected for the marathon and have to train for that. I think I have decided to go for it once the marathon is over, so, I wanted to start getting an idea of what to work for. I even went so far as to look up the state records for my age and weight class; there aren’t any….I messaged Jeff what I found and he said there must be something and he was going to check. Now really; how many 50+ ladies does he think are rushing to pick up “super heavy stuff”? Only us crazies 😜 with 20 something trainers, who pick up heavy stuff! I checked three different power-lifting federations (?) records and found nothing for MD. I don’t know if Jeff, checked or not, but he hasn’t got back to me with any other information! I should be good to go, right? Lol! It doesn’t hurt to have a plan. It’s even better if you execute said plan.

Seriously though, I can only train for one of these at a time. I will continue lifting and strength training, because it will help with running however, the amount of cardio involved with running affects me being able to train harder for lifting. It does give me time to work on my form and getting stronger. So that is the plan, or at least it’s my plan. Who knows what Jeff will think… My bench press is definitely my weakest link and will need the most work. For some reason in my mind that is the scariest. I think I have a fear of dropping the bar on me….Maybe I better get to work on those push ups….😳I definitely have some shoulder instability, so I should probably work on that. I’m also not the most coordinated person ever. Jeff, has said that has improved though…maybe a tad….somedays.

We shall see.

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Until the next time






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