June-Fierce 50 Follow Friday

I’m so lucky. Each month I have the chance to get to know some of my Fierce 50 Sisters a little better by participating in the Fierce 50 Follow Friday. Today is time to post for June and I have three new Fierce 50 Sisters to introduce you to. I hope you will head over and support their blogs and follow them on instagram!

This month I asked the ladies- What does The Fierce 50 Revolution mean to you? Their answers and a bit of their stories are below. 

Annemarie:  “The Fierce 50 to me is about several thing’s. Being proud to say I’m in my 50’s, to market the age group so as we are accommodated by retailers and leisure outlets. More though, it’s about saying “50 is the new 30 and I have a lot to do yet. Don’t dismiss me because I’m not a number.” Annemarie can be found on IG at @mutton_style

Annemarie is a blogger from the UK.  She works full time in an office environment near London. She has adult children, fur babies, plus a partner known as Mr Him. She writes two blogs. One is about family and work life in the UK; Anna of the Mutton Years at http://tvshopaholic.blogspot.co.uk

The other is a girlie blog on clothes and so on called Mutton Style at https://muttonyearsstyleandi.blogspot.co.uk
Wow, Annemarie, two blogs? How do you keep up? Talk about FIERCE! I do good to manage one, lol!

Mindy: By setting a good example of being an “ageless wonder”, still being relevant, staying involved in life, contributing my talents, taking good care of myself. Mindy can be found on IG at @princessofwow

Mindy is divorced, and best friends with her “wuzband”, she turned 6-2 this month.  She is writing a one woman show about ageism in America which she will perform end of September in Beacon, New York. She is a cat Mom, Big Sister with Big Brother Big Sister Organization with a 10 year old girl. She is a hat designer, performance artist, singer, photographer and founder of The Smile Revolution raising conscious awareness to the healing power of a genuine smile, and if that isn’t enough, she has an album of songs about the power of a smile!  Mindy has a blog at theprincessofwow.com

Mindy is certainly a FIERCE, busy lady! And a hat designer! I’m in heaven!!! Check out her photos on IG! There are some fabulous hats!

Sharon: “Not enough hours in the day and so Fierce 50 means to me — just that — nothing stops, nothing changes, don’t let age put a stop to anything. I’m often the oldest digital marketer in the room but I like that and that it surprises people that I’m still living, learning and loving.” You can find Sharon on IG at @bestbeforeenddate

Sharon is also a blogger from the U.K. She is 54, married and celebrated her silver wedding anniversary earlier this year – she has two grown up sons.

She works in digital marketing and is launching her own business next month in digital strategy consulting.

She started her own blog just this past February www.bestbeforeenddate.com where she shares everything about her midlife adventures, life, fashion, travel, being empty nesters.

Sharon also co writes a business blog with her eldest son www.thenorthernniche.co.uk
Another FIERCE lady for sure! What is your secret to writing two blogs?

Please go and follow these beautiful ladies on instagram and their blogs!

If you haven’t joined The Fierce 50 Revolution,  go to the Facebook page and request to join. We would love to have you join us! Together we are working to shift the perception of women over 50!

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Fierce 50 Follow Friday

Let your voice be heard now

Last week, I had the pleasure of participating in my first #fierce50followfriday on Instagram. 

I have briefly mentioned The Fierce 50 Revolution to you before. Earlier this year a group of 50+ bloggers came together to form The Fierce 50 Campaign; to support each other and raise awareness to those of us in Mid-life. From that The Fierce 50 Revolution was born. The purpose is to raise our voice, awareness, and shift the perception of women over 50! Just because we may be of a “certain age” we are not to be ignored! We are a force to be reckoned with!

These ladies are four of my new “Fierce Sisters”!

 You should head over to follow and support these Fierce Women on IG. Their handles along with their websites are below.

I asked each of them the following question:

How do you hope/want to inspire others (those in mid-life and those who haven’t even thought about it yet)?

Here are their answers!

Sheila @fattofabover50 “lost her sparkle” during the years of raising a family and building her business (who else can relate to that?). She is reinventing and reclaiming her life! You can find her blog here.

Lori @gerontologistloricampbell said that “it’s her hearts desire to inspire and motivate people of all ages, but primarily millennials to”: practice prevention, value health and live their values, establish healthy lifestyle/mindset practices, embrace their aging journey, own it. you can also find Lori here.

Rosie @themidlifeaesthetic feels that “using your own life as an example is the best way to give women hope”. “When she shares her own personal journey of loss, she can see them perk up”. A phrase she loves is “we are all walking each other home”. She said “that is how I feel about other mid-life women”! You can find Rosie’s blog here.

Robin @weight_loss_pro_robin said she “hopes to inspire others that they CAN do anything they want” she is on a quest to lose 150 lbs and is half way there! It hasn’t been easy, but she isn’t giving up! Robin’s blog can be found here.

How do YOU hope/want to inspire others? Now or when you get to a “certain age”? Comment and let me know!

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We truly are better and stronger together!

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