One Holiday Down

It’s Wednesday (I think, lol)! Thanksgiving is over by almost a week and we survived.

Did y’all had a hard time remembering what day it was over the weekend? I sure did! And I’m not sure I have it all together yet, lol!

We didn’t have our “official” Thanksgiving dinner until Sunday. Let me tell you, it was just as crazy as having it on Thanksgiving day, hahaha! Are you shocked? We ate early, as in lunch time vs dinner/supper time. That added to the weirdness. We were done eating, the food put away, the kitchen cleaned and it was barely 2:30! It seemed as if it should have been bed time! I literally just laid around in the couch and did nothing the rest of the day! Not good, I know, but moving wasn’t a good option either. Ironically I didn’t eat a lot of food, only a little bit of everything and only one helping. But as many holiday meals go, it was very carb laden!

I have dubbed this time of year the five-week long “eat fest”! It seems we start eating at thanksgiving and don’t stop until New Years! Do you notice that? That’s why it’s so easy to pack on the pounds during the holidays. I have managed to lose a bit or maintain through the holidays for the past several years. I’m not letting that change this year!

I thought I was going to do great this year. Saturday, I weighed in at the #saturday7amsocialclub down from my previous WI and thought I’d be good for this upcoming official first of the month WI by not having Thanksgiving until Sunday….so far I was mistaken. Monday morning I was up 2 lbs from Saturday and I’m still there. I’ve been back on track or so I thought and trying to be cautious and tracking but nothing is budging. Did I really gain 2 lbs from one days meal? Not likely. Saturday I also met with Jeff, my trainer, for my usual Saturday workout. Let me tell you, I still feel that. If that wasn’t enough he messaged me Monday evening to see if I wanted to meet him at 7:00! My response was “huh, what, who? Tonight”? His response was “lol, yes”…. what did I do? I got dressed and went! Crazy? In hindsight, maybe! If I wasn’t sore from Saturday, I certainly am now! So could some of my weight gain be the muscle inflammation? Most likely it’s a factor. Do I want to see it on the scale? No. I’m hoping as I get back on a regular schedule with Jeff this doesn’t continue.

The smart thing (at least to keep me out of my head) would have been not to have weighed on Saturday. I am still down from my “official” first of the month October WI, now to get back to where I was!

To try to help myself regain my focus, I have decided to try a cleanse. It’s a two-day cleanse that you can do once a month from IT Works. Have any of you tried their products? If so what are your thoughts? This will be my first experience. I like that it’s only a short process and I’m hoping it helps me refocus along with the new changes coming to WW. I won’t “officially” learn the new plan until 12/9. Hopefully the cleanse will be here by around that time and I can work them together.

If you are on a weight loss journey; What are your goals for the holiday season? Do you want to lose weight? Are you ok with gaining a set amount of weight? Or do you want to maintain where you are and then refocus on losing after the holidays? What are your trigger foods? Is it the sweets and baked goods or the “real” food? Lets talk it out and make a plan and do this together!

My goal is to maintain wherever I will be on Saturday. If I lose that’s ok too, but I will be focusing on not gaining!

I will keep you updated.

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Mid-Life and Millennial: Bridging The Gap

It’s finally here! Today is the day! The launch of the Bridge The Gap Campaign. The day 200 influencers-100 Mid-lifers and 100 Millennials are teaming up to show the world that we are truly #StrongerTogether!

I am beyond excited and happy to be part of this campaign!

This Bridge The Gap campaign unites the Mid-life and Millennial Demographics to blur artificial boundaries while encouraging Reciprocal Mentorship.

What exactly is Reciprocal Mentorship?

It’s a new and empowered way of bringing the generations together by each sharing their unique gifts with the other.

Isn’t one of the best things in life, some of the people we meet along the way?

I mentioned the campaign a couple of weeks ago and that I was paired with Lauren Dailey. Today, I am excited to introduce you to Lauren and her blog bohemianbythebay.

While, unfortunately, we weren’t able to meet in person, despite Lauren’s invitation to get together for coffee (she’s on the west coast I’m on the east, maybe, just a tad too far to go for a coffee) with the world of social media and email we were able to connect and get to know a little about each other. I was excited to get to know Lauren and learn her story.

What did I learn about Lauren?

I found there a several parallels in our stories. Surprised?

Lauren lives in Redondo Beach, CA with her kitty Penny, but she is originally from Colorado. She moved to LA after living in San Francisco for two years in order to pursue a new career and expand her blogging network. She started blogging while living in San Francisco and has been blogging for about three years.

This is what Lauren told me about her blog and her reason for starting it:

I started my blog as a creative outlet while I worked in finance in San Francisco and never thought it would become more… My blog is a place for others to find creative inspiration and find advice on how readers can be their most authentic selves.” 

Now, y’all know I have a little bohemian in me that tries to get out once in a while….maybe it’s time to let her out to play more often?

This is what Lauren told me inspired her to join “Bridging the Gap” and to be a part of this life-changing campaign:

“I wanted to be part of this campaign to challenge myself and do something out of the norm-I think that a lot of successful bloggers are older, and this just shows that you can start a blog and pursue your passion at whatever age!” 

You can follow Lauren and check out her amazing blog bohemianbythebay and on Instagram.

As women from seemingly different, yet similar, demographics we have so much to offer one another.

Those of you who know my story know that I moved several hundred miles away from my hometown many years ago, and that I started blogging to share my story and to encourage others (especially mid-lifers) to pursue their dreams and goals. It may not be easy, but I promise you: It will be worth it and you can do it!

I’m grateful for the opportunity to Bridge The Gap together and to develop an ongoing relationship where we can help one another.

Don’t you think it’s time we come together to bridge every single gap that’s out there? I think we have made substantial progress in letting go of many labels and divisions, yet there are many that still exist. When it comes to ageism, it doesn’t get talked about. Wouldn’t you agree it’s time to change that? Together, we intend to do just that.


We can start by sharing with one another and embracing both for the greater good. There is energy and innovation in youth and wisdom and experience in midlife. Deep inside every Mid-life Woman, a Millennial exists and within every Millennial lies a future Mid-lifer to be. We invite you to join us, on this journey, as we show you that age is just a number. It’s your attitude about life that keeps you young or makes you old; don’t you agree?

Thank you, for Bridging The Gap with me as we are definitely: #StrongerTogether.

Until the next time


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