YTT-Weekend 3

Happy Monday!  What a weekend I had! Yoga Teacher Training-YTT weekend three!

An experience of a lifetime on so many levels! I don’t know where or how to start. It was a very emotional weekend and it was designed to be so. Little did I know when I wrote my last blog post that I was playing right into the weekend.

How are y’all today? Did you have a good weekend? Did you do anything fun?

It seems winter has decided to pay us an early visit and I’m still looking for fall, lol! Last weekend I was dreading getting up Saturday morning for the #saturday7amsocialclub meeting, the weather report said we were going down to 19 degrees with a single digit wind chill! I was not looking forward to that! It didn’t make it quite that low, 21 was the official temperature and the wind chill didn’t seem as bad as they predicted. After the meeting I headed to the gym for a workout with Jeff. I’m not sure why, since we are so off schedule and it will be next weekend before I see him again since I had YTT this past weekend and he had his second powerlifting competition. He took first place in his division, BTW!!!

I had to be prepared for my first practice teach Saturday. I had to teach a 45 minute class and I didn’t  know until Friday night what posture and pranayama (breath) I had to teach! That was the scariest part. The rest is that each segment is “timed”. The easy part was putting it together, making it last for the time needed was the hard part! And I was short by 7 minutes! I had to rewrite part of what I thought I was going to do after I got home at 10:30 Friday night, then start putting the rest of the class together. I made it to bed at 1:00 Saturday morning, to be backup at 5:00…..I was running on adrenaline and caffeine all day!

Now it’s time to start preparing for the next class. I will have less time to do my homework. We are back on a regular schedule, this last time there were a few extra weeks between classes due to a yoga retreat in India. How great would that be?

I have been staying on track with my WW plan for the past two weeks. I spent one week pretty much staying with the Simply Filling plan. Last week I followed the traditional Smart Points and did okay, but I am also noticed I give myself permission to be a little more “free” with my choices. The weekend was a bit of a challenge. I had control because I took my food, and if I didn’t take it I didn’t have access to junk food. I have to be sure to take plenty of protein to keep myself going with the intensity of the weekend. I made that mistake the first week. The down side is I come home and need to have dinner. Once I’m home and start eating I don’t want to stop. I have to make myself go upstairs or I will eat my way through the house!

For those who follow or have ever followed WW you know the program changes every few years with some tweaks in between. I asked my leader, Amy, a couple of weeks ago about any upcoming changes (of course she couldn’t/wouldn’t spill the beans). I am actually looking forward to the changes/tweaks this time since I feel like I need a “shake up”. Even though Amy didn’t tell me what was coming, I did get a sneak peek last week. The new changes have already rolled out in the UK and some of the members there have posted about it on connect (our WW message board). Now I am really excited and have started exploring it a bit! It will officially roll out here the weekend of December 3rd. I will keep you posted about my thoughts and progress. If any of you in the UK follow Weight Watchers let us know what you think of the new plan so far.

Can you believe it’s Thanksgiving  week already? Are you ready? Not me. I’m still trying to get my act together for that. We are actually going to have our Thanksgiving on Sunday, so I have a few extra days to prepare. That’s just a little bit exciting to me. It was even “The Mans” idea! I think everyone was shocked by that!!!

“The Man” went grocery shopping alone this week while I was in class. I told him not to worry about the “extra” holiday foods, that I would go out during the week and get whatever we needed. He has done mostly ok with the regular shopping but….I wasn’t ready to let him loose with the holiday food task. Did he listen? Noooooooo…..all things considered he did ok. We do have food we don’t need. He even bought sweet potatoes! “The Man” has never bought a sweet potato in his life. Now they are so big that one will feed 2-3 people, but he bought sweet potatoes. I am thankful he tried. Letting go and being ok with what he brings on from the store on these weeks has been hard. But he does try. We won’t starve. He may not make the healthiest food choices, but we won’t starve.

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Until the next time


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You Can Do Hard Things

A rainbow, a sign

A Sign!

A rainbow. It has long been considered a sign, as far back as biblical days.

Last night when I left the gym, after yoga practice, I saw this rainbow in the sky. It was in close proximity to my house. Since I live less than a mile from the gym, I was able to make it home to snap a picture of it.

Why is this a sign? 

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been wrestling with a decision. Well, I made that decision, and last night set the wheels in motion to begin a new adventure.

I registered for Yoga Teacher Training!

Why was this a hard decision?

Well for starters it is far from inexpensive. So that was big factor. I am someone who thinks long and hard about spending major money on some thing, and this isn’t just pocket change. At least not for people I know.

Then there is the fact that I am running a marathon in October. That was actually my first concern. The classes start in September and are nine weekends long. When I first read that, the information made it sound as if it was nine weekends in a row. That would have been a problem for sure. Why? Well, you can’t miss a class unless it’s an emergency or pre arranged, and then you have to make it up. Since the classes are Friday night, and all day Saturday and Sunday it would have taken away my long run Sundays and that would have been when the milage was ramping up. There would have been no way to make that up.  When I was able to talk with my yoga instructor Kim, who is also the teacher for the school, I found out it was one weekend a month for nine months. That definitely put it back on the table. I can work two weeks of long runs around two weekends.

Then there is my powerlifting training, which hasn’t been as intense a training regime because of my marathon training. You cannot train hard for lifting while endurance training. My, trainer, Jeff has been completely on board with the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) and said that it would not interfere with my lifting.

If running the marathon wasn’t enough, I came up with a brilliant idea on my way to the ocean last week. What was it? For my daughter and I, to run or walk the Baltimore Running Festival (BRF) Half Marathon on the Saturday 10/21, before the Marine Corp Marathon (MCM) on Sunday 10/22!!! Yes, really, I did! I haven’t even told Jeff this yet, I will do that tonight. We are back to our regular schedule.

Since I had been considering the Dopey Challenge in Disney for January and wasn’t able to get in, this is the same as the Goofy Challenge, that I thought about before getting in to the MCM. The main difference is the highest training milages will be in the summer and not the fall… will require running two days back to back to train, which will challenging; especially in the heat and humidity. I have figured out how to work my training runs around the YTT training and I think I have come up with a workable plan!

Why did I do this?

On Saturday 6/10 there were three soldiers killed in Afghanistan (you may have heard about it on the news). One of these young me was the brother in law of my daughters co-worker and is a local, hometown boy; Sgt. Eric Houck. I contacted my running friend Sid Busch (I’ve told you about him before), but you can read a bit about him here. This article is a couple of years old, from his 200th marathon. He ran that the day I ran my first! I asked him, if he had not already picked a soldier to run for in Baltimore, if he would consider running for Eric. He, of course, agreed. After I really got to thinking about it. Amanda and I (or maybe it was just me) decided we could add the half to our weekend and run with Sid. This race has a five hour time limit and we can walk the entire thing if we need to and still make it for the marathon. Sid gives his race medal, bib, shirt, etc to the family of the soldier he runs for. Eric had two little children, Noah and Quinn’s age, we decided by running with Sid we could give our medals to the children to have a remembrance. We will also be running MCM in his honor and have submitted his information to be added to the “blue mile” there.

It won’t be easy but… motto and the Plunder anthem for this year is:

Ironically when I gave Kim my application and registration fee last night I mentioned still be scared silly. Her words to me were: “It will be hard, but you can do hard things, you have done hard things, you run marathons, That is not easy, it is hard!”

Well when you look at it that way….and add the rainbow. I took it as a sign that I made the right decision.

She also told me it would challenge me to look and my light and dark side. To examine me. I knew this and I think this might scare me just a bit!

Well have I succeeded in making you think I’m ready for the “looney bin”? What are your thoughts about this news? Do you have any words of wisdom, advice, thoughts? Let me hear from you?

This Sunday I will run my first race of this year, the Baltimore Women’s Classic (BWC) 5K. This is one of the largest Women’s only races around and helps to support research for women’s cancers. This will kick off my “official” Half/Marathon training. The 5K isn’t as far a distance as I should run for this week, but I have adjusted my plan to quickly ramp up my milage (safely) over the next few weeks to get where I should be. Remember I tend to work training plans “MY WAY” anyhow…..

Thank you to everyone that has participated in my birthday month “Plunder Give Away”! I have had fun with it. I hope you have too. Remember there is still time for you to enter and win. Just comment on the blog posts to be entered in the drawing each Friday this month. There are still two more drawings for June!!

Last weeks winner for commenting is Amy Hughes! Amy, send me a private message or email at and let me know where to send your Plunder.

I will be posting the winner of the June Posse on the blog tomorrow. I have to go through all the comments from the month for that one!

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