Yoga Teacher Training-Week 2

Whew, its Monday! What a busy weekend! I needed this new week to start to rest up from the weekend! It’s raining here today for the first time in a month. That should make for a slow, lazy day and boy do I need it after this weekend!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun and exciting?

This was my Yoga Teacher Training-YTT AND the Rodan+Fields convention and new product launch weekend. On top of that there was a birthday party for Lessa and Miss Quinn on Sunday (which I had to miss). Since Lessa’s birthday was really on the 2nd, we had cupcakes and such then. Miss Quinn’s birthday is actually Friday the 13th and we will have a little home celebration then too.

Lessa and Miss Quinn

How many ways can you say crazy busy?


I was sooooo worried going into YTT weekend. I felt like I was way behind with my homework and unprepared. Most of last week I was waffling back and forth between “I can do this” to “I can’t do this”, “what have I done”? I had plenty of those “I’m going to flunk out of YTT” thoughts off and on much of the week. Who flunks out of yoga teacher training? Oh I was quite a mess! I may have been worried for nothing.

When I got to class Friday night, I discovered I was not the only one with those thoughts and I was not the only one who was a bit behind. Some were much farther behind than I was. Misery loves company?

When I left class Friday night I felt much better and by the end of last night I was back to thinking “I can do this”. I came home and just “let it go”. I haven’t even looked at my books or let myself think about the mountain of homework this next month will entail. It makes last months look like nothing, and I still need to finish the few things I didn’t get done. Out of sight, out of mind? Not really, but I am taking today to process the weekend before I dive back into it. There is just sooooo much information packed into the weekend that you (or at least I) definitely need a day to assimilate before tackling the next step.

I planned to run yesterday (or at least walk) during our lunch break, but that didn’t happen. Our last lesson/practice before lunch was a meditation practice. When we were finished our instructor suggested we go out to lunch and notice how things were in the world. I had brought my lunch and am car pooling, so going off was not an easy option for me. Instead I took my lunch and went to sit outside. I was in such a peaceful, zen/meditative state that running or walking was not something I could even consider. I did not want to break that calm feeling and I knew such an activity would alter that.

Many ladies came back and said they noticed sounds being more amplified and the world seemed to be moving faster. I had the opposite experience and so did a couple of others. As I sat outside, the cars on the road seemed to be moving in slow motion and the sounds were very hushed. That is the most or deepest I have ever gone into a meditation. It was a new and interesting experience.

Have you ever had such an experience? Please share.

Rodan+Fields Convention/Product Launch 

I couldn’t attend the convention in Vegas or go with the few members of my team that went to Charleston, SC for a virtual event, because I was already obligated to YTT. Or maybe I should say I could have gone, but I would have had to make up the YTT weekend at a cost of $60 per hour and each training is approx 20 hours long 😳. I could not justify that.

I chose the virtual option for Rodan+Fields so that I could attend and  watch from home and have immediate access to purchase the new products! Thursday night and Friday I was busy watching the convention via direct feed. Of course I missed all the weekend studies and activities, due to YTT, but I can go back and view them, multiple times! I was glad Friday was the day our new products were launched! I was able to see and order them right away! I am so excited for these three NEW products!

The new products; Intensive Renewing Serum with RetinAl, a new AMP MD micro exfoliating Roller, and the Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex

I ordered as soon as they were up (by being online I was able to see exactly when they were put up and had ordered mine before they told everyone they were ready to order, lol) and right now it looks as though I will have them by Thursday (I hope they make it here sooner)! I think I heard that the Vegas attendees were able to get theirs on the spot (that’s the only thing that would have been better). I will certainly let you know when they arrive!

If launching THREE NEW products wasn’t enough, there was also a new program announced for NEW consultants. I’m still trying to take it all in and learn the ins and outs!

Now I know you may be saying, “I can’t join Rodan+Fields, I know nothing” about skincare. Well neither did I, and that was a concern. What I did know was that I needed to up my skincare game. In fact, I don’t know any consultants who knew anything about skincare, before they started, but you don’t need to.


Drs. Rodan+Fields are Stanford trained and practicing dermatologists in California. They are so sought after, they have a two year waiting list for appointments. But they have made it easy for us to help our customers by taking away the guess work.


By giving us the “Solutions Tool“.

What is that?

It is an online tool that will help you and your customers figure out what products and regimen will work best for you or them. You will also have access to a wealth of product information and there is a nurse is available to call on if you have any questions.

You may be saying “I’m a man”, I can’t join Rodan+Fields. Sure you can! We have several HIGHLY successful male consultants as well as male customers. They do sell skincare, but mainly work their businesses based on the business opportunity with the company. If you are looking for a business investment, don’t think twice. This is a sound business model, that has seen tremendous growth, and is only going to continue to grow.

Some people join Rodan+Fields as a consultant only for the product discount and are quite happy with that. Others join for the discount and soon decide they want to work the business and start moving up the ladder. Then there are those who see the tremendous business opportunity from the start and join with the intention of growing a successful business. If you want to join me and work this as a business, starting now, this new program will “reward” you for getting your business up and moving. The incentives are phenomenal and you will have access to some great training, information, and a wonderful support system. You will never feel like you are in it alone or “hung out to dry”.

There are several ways or levels to sign up and become a consultant. Starting now, if you join Rodan+Fields  with a Business Building Kit you will automatically receive the NEW products in it AND be enrolled in the NEW program. If you are interested in joining me or learning more, message or email me at for details.

The Intensive Renewing Serum with the new AMP MD roller will be available for customers to order beginning October 18th and the Bright Eye Complex will be available for you to order beginning November 2nd. Why not give yourself the gift of younger looking skin for the holidays?

It was an amazing weekend but there’s no way to fully describe the intensity. I can say I’m glad to be back to a normal schedule, lol!

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Until the next time


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